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  1. Ignore this, also now found it
  2. I'm playing with a high resolution but I dont seem to be getting any new boxes. Can anyone help me with the adaptive layout feature?
  3. I might be missing something (and it might have been mentioned before) but the Sega Pre Order page is a digital download so although it doesn't mention Steam I assume people will know that they need the internet to use it the first time
  4. I've had it before when it says sterling but was randomly on dollars, try selecting another currency, ok it then select £ again. Other than that, not sure what the issue is...
  5. Sometimes it changes currency, just change back to £ and you should be ok
  6. The deal was agreed in October so I assume it was already set up as a future transfer
  7. Mine was also Greyed out, in team settings I had my Ass Man in control. once unticked to give me access it was fine.
  8. North Koreas GK was also a striker in the world cup squad IIRC