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  1. Ignore this, also now found it
  2. I'm playing with a high resolution but I dont seem to be getting any new boxes. Can anyone help me with the adaptive layout feature?
  3. I might be missing something (and it might have been mentioned before) but the Sega Pre Order page is a digital download so although it doesn't mention Steam I assume people will know that they need the internet to use it the first time http://uk.download-store.sega.com/shop/football-manager-2012
  4. Contracts Magically Changed

    I've had it before when it says sterling but was randomly on dollars, try selecting another currency, ok it then select £ again. Other than that, not sure what the issue is...
  5. Contracts Magically Changed

    Sometimes it changes currency, just change back to £ and you should be ok
  6. This game is scary sometimes

    The deal was agreed in October so I assume it was already set up as a future transfer
  7. Mine was also Greyed out, in team settings I had my Ass Man in control. once unticked to give me access it was fine.
  8. Goalkeeper is a winger?!

    North Koreas GK was also a striker in the world cup squad IIRC