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  1. Was working and loading fine from Steam last week. Now when I try and load up FM18, I keep getting this error. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck. An error occurred while updating Football Manager 18 (File Content Locked) Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Would love to see a Tycoon save for any teams in Ligue 1 or 2, if someone has the time. Thanks.
  3. Where is the screen located to assign individual staff assignments example. AssMan always doing pep talks and conferences or assigning contract negotiations. Cant find it for the life of me anymore.
  4. Nice job, loving the team guide. I'm hoping someone will do something similar for Lyon and Marseilles
  5. Right now i'm currently testing a 41221 or 451 w/ a IF on the right flank and a Natural Winger on the left. My current instructions are as follows. My IF seems to be shooting everytime he touches the ball. He's the second best finisher in my starting XI so I want him to shoot. Should I stick with those instructions or take off shoot more often or am I missing one. Inside Forward: -More Direct Pass -Get Further Forward -Stay Wider -Dribble More -Shoot More Often Winger: -Stay Wider -Get Further Forward -More Direct Pass
  6. Just started up a save. My philosophy will be to sign young French and African footballers.
  7. Wondering why this thread isn't as active as it was last year. Anyway here's my plan as manager which will differ from everyone else wanting to buy the BIG NAMES in football. I will be investing in young French, African and South Americans and hopefully make a dent in CL buy buying the occasional BIG NAME.
  8. Gonna give this a try with Spurs while waiting for a solid 442 or 4411 to appear. Should I just go with thr regular first 11 for Spurs? Who would you start in midfield and who do you prefer on the left or right for the striker slots? I was gonna go with Defor on left and Ade on right. Thanks.
  9. Getting ready to start my Newcastle save and I was thinking about cashing in on Tiote and Guiterrez and purging Ligue 1 of their mass of talent. I'm thinking of Wanyama to replace Tiote though. What kinda prices are you guys getting for Tiote and Guiterrez?
  10. No I meant the players role in that position. Should I just be looking at their attributes?
  11. What roles do you suggest using for each position ex. DC - Central Defender, Ball Playing Defender and Limited Defender I'm only asking because I would like to know what type of player to use for each position. Thanks
  12. Fuss, What do you consider Fast ST's? Anything over 15 pace and acc? I'm asking because Rooney isn't really performing all that well for me, and whenever I plug in Welbeck or Chic they score just for fun. Thanks.
  13. Are certain type of players required? What are the strikers or can we use any combination same for the Wingers, and midfield.
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