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  1. Going to have a real crack at this challenge this year. Started with a rep of Sunday League footballer and loaded leagues from: USA Brazil England NZ South Africa Australia I was offered a job from Winners Park in the First Dvision Inland which is one below the top but also the lowest. A transfer budget of 4,500 has been given and my assistant believes we can achieve midtable. There are only 9 teams in the division but 36 games and our media prediction is 7th. Will update at the winter break! Here is my profile:http://img717.imageshack.us/i/profilecou.jpg/ Here is my starting squad:http://img683.imageshack.us/i/squado.jpg/
  2. Around the World unemployed!

    Hop over to the Challenges Forum and try AcidBurns Continental Dominance Challenge.
  3. Great work guys, where does the file go exactly?
  4. Luton Town : Staring into the Abyss

    Great story, you have a great talent for this sort of thing. KUTGW!
  5. Thought we were quite good last night. We controlled the game very well and we probably would have kept a clean sheet if it wasn't for that goal which wasn't a goal. Get rid of Rooney for the next two games against Bulgaria and Switzerland. That should serve as a wake up call for his **** attitude plus drop Fat Frank for ever.
  6. Attendance guessing league

    4202 attendance
  7. FM 11 Details

    Hopefully some info to be released later this month.
  8. Any help please :/

    Are you online while doing it? I don't think it counts if you're offline.
  9. Attendance guessing league

    Sign me up! Seems like a good idea and original!
  10. Got the New Zealand league now. Loaded leagues from; SA,Eng,Aus,NZ,USA and Brazil. Game on!
  11. World Cup Final 2010 - Netherlands vs Spain

    Haven't had one in a while!
  12. World Cup Final 2010 - Netherlands vs Spain

    Holland looking more threatening this half
  13. World Cup Final 2010 - Netherlands vs Spain

    Half time already!
  14. World Cup Final 2010 - Netherlands vs Spain

    Agreed when was the last exciting World Cup Final?