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  1. Got Morecambe to the premier league in 3 seasons. Promoted from league 2 first time. won league 1 and championship. Lets see what this season brings.
  2. Second season update. Won League 1 with Morecambe after getting promoted from League 2. Back to back promotions! ! Once again I was favorite to get relegated. I smashed the most goals record. Using 1490765812_!!!!!!FM20.4.1FireandWaterVOL24321OXP103EC. I removed get stuck in, i changed the mentality to positive and changed attacking width to very narrow. Amazing tactic!! Off to the championship!
  3. So i decided to start a save with Morecambe to try to take them to Premier League Glory. I started using !!!!!FM20.4.1BEOWULF442WAFKnap(P107))VOL3P107ECCC but i guess it was too attacking for my team. As you can see the season started terribly and i was heading for relegation as predicted. I decided to change to 1490765812_!!!!!!FM20.4.1FireandWaterVOL24321OXP103EC after the Newport loss with a few tweaks and the results were amazing and i went on a 24 game unbeaten run. I also took charge of Team Talks. I achieved automatic promotion which is an amazing achievement since Morecambe are favorites to get relegated. First half of the season Second half Well done Knap on an amazing tactic and looking forward to League 1!!!
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