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  1. Any Help?

    Hi, I have just decided to get fm 2013 but get this error as soon as i go to load the game does anyone have any ideas? Uploaded with ImageShack.us Thanks
  2. Louis Saha --->> Sunderland Free
  3. The FMCCC Clan

    This Clan Has Now Dismembered Due To Lack Of Commitment.
  4. The FMCCC Clan

    Sorry for the lack of posts recently but we have managed to finish the next season ... 2012/2013 I managed to finish a respectable 8th in the league. 2013/2014 I was hoping for Mid table and i knew it was about to time to settle the team together and stop bringing new faces in to unsettling things. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Heading in to the final game of the season i was some how top and 2 points clear of a dominating Man Utd. I had to get a win against Newcastle to secure my championship as Man Utd had a far superior GD to me. 23rd Min - Man Utd 1 - 0 Chelsea 26th Min - Newcastle 1 - 0 Birmingham.. It was not looking good 27th Min - Man Utd 2 - 0 Chelsea 30th Min - Man Utd 3 - 0 Chelsea 32nd Min - Newcastle 1 - 1 Birmingham 40th Min - Newcastle 1 - 2 Birmingham - GAME ON!! 44th Min - Newcastle 2 - 2 Birmingham - Uh Oh ... Gutting right on the verge of HT 64th Min - Newcastle 2 - 3 Birmingham - As things stand i am the Prem Champs 70th Min - NEWCASTLE PEN! 71st Min - Robert Green Saves the Pen 90th Min - BIRMINGHAM HAVE WON THE PREMIER LEAGUE! Uploaded with ImageShack.us I am noe being linked with the retireing Alex Fergusons job at Man Utd so i have alot to think about over the next few weeks as to wether i want this or wether i want to take Birmingham all the way!?
  5. Forbsie`s 2012-2013 Transfer and Data Update

    Forbsie great work .. just a quick question though do you change stats for players and finances for clubs?
  6. Connect to Facebook

    if im right in thinking it only posts major achievements for example winning a trophy
  7. How do I downgrade to 12.0.4?

    I believe there has been many posts on this and as far as i have worked out its impossible to do so.
  8. Manager Earnings League Table

    Maybe you could use the money earnt to invest in clubs so you have a bigger transfer budget or help a team if they enter administration. I definatly think something needs to be done otherwise wages for you are pointless.
  9. Is there....

    Is there a forum thread with updates on this 24 hour game thing? Im interested to see how far they have got in the game and whos done well.
  10. The FMCCC Clan

    Season 2012/2013 - Pre Season Report Now with my previous report i told you i had £30,000,000 to spend well i decided that if i wanted to get anywhere fast i had to build a top quality team so this £30,000,000 effectivly turned into £90,000,000 when i decided to do ALOT of deals over 48months. As you can see alot of talent in there. I started off strong with a 4-2 away win @ West Brom. and its been a steady ease into the Premier life with wins @ Man Utd and Arsenal, But at the same time major loses at Fulham and Liverpool. The Table so far: Im hoping for Mid table with the team i currently have.
  11. The FMCCC Clan

    Jamie - Birmingham City FC Right where to start? Start with FA Cup In the 3rd round i was drawn against Gateshead I was over the moon thinking this would be a walk in the park but boy was i wrong we could not get started and they matched us everywhere it was through a lucky 75th minutes goal that we scraped it 1-0. With not doing so well in the 3rd round i was extremely Nervous when being drawn against Newcastle United, We actually turned up for this game and showed the premier league why we should be there running out 2-1 winners. The 5th round draw come up with fellow Championship side Peterborough. It was a fairly even game but we managed to come out on top winning 2-1. I knew this was going to a tough draw as i was drawn against the the team that i do not do well against on FM. West Brom and it was away. and it continued in this match when i went out and lost 4-0. I was embarassed. Europa League The eurpa league if you all read my previous post i was not sure wether i should even try for this but i did and im surprised the results: Group Stage Aaslund - 2 v 2 (D) M. Haifa - 1 v 1 (D) Roma - 4 v 0 (W) <----- yes thats right win! Roma - 1 v 1 (D) Aaslund - 1 v 0 (W) M. Haifa - 1 v 1 (D) The Table looked like this: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/267/eurocupoverviewstages.png/ Having Qualified from the group i was happy and then this draw happend: Birmingham vs FC Kobenhaven.. I honestly thought i could do something with that game. But when the game come up my team were in bad form and i couldnt capatilise. i lost 1-0 in both legs and i was devastated by this loss. Especially when Roma went on and won the competetion. League Cup Being Holders of this cup i felt it was our duty to go at it the best we could with it bought these great games: Wigan 1 - 2 Birmingham Rotherham 0 - 3 Birmingham QPR 1 - 3 Birmingham West Brom 2 - 1 Birmingham (Leg 1) Birmingham 2 - 0 West Brom (Leg 2) We had done it got to the final and it wasnt against a BIG team like Man Utd, Arsenal etc.. it was Fulham. But once again the big occasion made my bid players scared we came in at HT 3-0 down and not having a single shot on target if it was not for Boaz Myhill we could of been 10/11 down. We came out at HT and looekd the better team creating chance after chance but could not break them down. Fulham 3 - 1 Birmingham <--- Final Npower Championship THE BIG ONE! At the start of the season we was expected to go up as champions but we did go at the hard way. At the start of the season we was unbeaten for a long time and looked good but playing 65 games in a season is a lot to ask fo 19 players maybe picking to take on the europa league was the wrong move. But thanks to a good final push with a win against Southampton final game of the season we managed to pip Burnley to the post. Birmingham City FC Crowned Npower Championship Title Winners Final League Table:http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/535/npowerchampionshipovervp.png/ My Player of the season: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/59/wadeelliottoverviewattr.png My Hottest Prospect: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/94/nathanredmondoverviewat.png<--- wanted by Man Utd, Arsenal & Chelsea Final Players Stats: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/641/birminghamcitysquadplay.png/ I would like to thank my fellow Managers for Voting me the CMOY ( Clan Manager Of the Year) 2012/2013 Aim - Avoid Relegation Transfer Budget - £30,000,000 Wage Budget - £375,000
  12. Urgent - a favour please!

    All Signed
  13. transfer online

    are you fully uptodate? As i my clan dont seem to have this problem. If you offering players out you have to remember to click add all human clubs
  14. Hi, Currently got a Network game going and every so often the other people get booted from the game. I have opend the ports 10093 + 94 and runs smoothly other than people keep getting booted. Does anyone have any ideas?