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  1. Super duper. I hope "my tactics" arent affected by this, as they were the issue before. Next Q, is the live league table fixed?
  2. Once again cougar you are jumping to the defence of the game and arguing your own point because : A) You don't read other peoples posts properly B) You don't read other peoples posts properly C) You don't read other peoples posts properly D) You don't read other peoples posts properly I'm not expecting to be able to sell every player, but 99% of the time you either get a bid or a response in your news telling you something along the lines of no offers received, not viable due to wages, not value for money etc etc. My issue is on some occasions you get nothing back, not a single news item. We are playing a hugely complex piece of software that basically runs reports on a large database. Sometimes those reports don't work as they should, hence the patches that come out through the year. So, when I offer a player out, the game goes off and runs a query to see if any other clubs in the database want to make a bid. The likelihood of this is that the response to that query should appear in your news as either a bid or a declination. I very much doubt SI have used the famous random number generator to decide whether that query should get a response or not. This game like most others, is about inputs and outputs, I expect that when I input a query it should output a response.
  3. One issue thats doing my head in at the moment, is having clubs interested in a player, yet when you offer him out (Ive even tried it at £0), no one makes a bid and you dont get a news item stating that no one finds an offer viable, its like its just left in limbo.
  4. From all accounts, the rules themselves seem fine, including cheaty sponsoship deals from tycoon clubs, the issue however is reliability of the management tools given to us. When you show a massive profit (almsot 200m in Jan), why would you bother selling any players. If in Jan it showed you were only forecast to make £10m, say based on achieving a league position of 4th (which could be where you are at that point in time), then you may think I need to mitigate that risk, and sell someone in the window before it closes.
  5. Correct this is my point, the tools and forecasts dont work. SI need to make them effective otherwise what is the point in them being there. If youre going to implement something as important and game changing as FFP, you need to have the tools alongside it to manage it correctly. It was March to May. No players were signed as the window was shut and no player contacts were renewed. There may have been a few staff renewals, but I dont have any tea ladies on 50m a month. Again, please stop with the "YOU should be able to manage it more effectively." I could sit here and not spend the money they give me in a transfer budget and wage budget, but Im the manager, not the club accountant. If my board say heres a wage budget of £X and a transfer budget of £Y, then why shouldnt I spend it. Is a game to be enjoyed, not a game where you have to be mystic meg with a calculator to work out if you'll fail FFP or not. Im trying to input some justified criticism of the games mechanics in order to improve it for everyone, yet you keep trying to bring it to a personal level. You've stated yourself the forecasts are simplistic, and thats fine for them to show a simplified summary, but a lot of work needs to go on behind the scenes to make the simplified summary pertinent to the user.
  6. Here we go, rushing to their defence again. The forecast calculations are massively out, these are the tools in game that allow you to see how you're doing, and whether you need to sell a player, cut wages etc. If my projections in both the board confidence reports and the financial reports (graphs and summary as above) show Im due to make 110m profit, then that should be roughly where you finish. Going from 110m, to 45k within 2 months is materially different. As things stand, the tools and forecasts in game do not work.
  7. Im all for the FFP rules, as long as SI gave us tools that could monitor and manage them effectively. http://gyazo.com/43f475e0bd1f66ec4cae5b6e080256d7 this screen grab was taken in March, all looks good from here and my monthly board confidence reports said the same. Then at the end of May after the season had just finished... http://gyazo.com/c31455a02889f743e195ba8a4fa7c69a So in just over a month it had dropped significantly. All still seems...ok. Then end of May, rules kick in and http://gyazo.com/30b8cd93ffbbe78e8a22041d7b1359c4 This season I was safe after a 30m investment from the board. However.... the previous two season I had been FFP'd and was out of europe both seasons and had -5 points in the prem the second. The kicker to all this, its in a network game, and Swansea have a net transfer spend of £1bn in the previous 5 seasons, and havent been FFP'd, how do they avoid it? Massive sponsorship deals of £100-£200m per season that kick in the news item before FFP. So in terms of FFP in this game, great in idea, but absolutely terrible in its implementation.
  8. We have one in our game, Swansea have a net spend of more than 1bn over 5 seasons, all down to 200m -300m a season in sponsorships.
  9. My GKs are still having a few issues.... http://gyazo.com/f6cb6fbd6ca2e948373ab3864ce6d24e http://gyazo.com/22cd1d3266e09e8f45d52c753af6111b These are both from the last few days Along with that, my tactics are always losing familiarity due to swapping between them and as Arwelt mentions, all the instructions get mixed up. Mega frustrating.
  10. Its better than Top Eleven, just about...
  11. FFP for me as well, in network games, buying a player for £200m on the never never ruined it. Will be interesting to see how it pans out! Plus I also like the new tactics system.
  12. Haha, you said clam. I prefer the new system, hopefully it'll stop the downloading of Mr Houghs plug and play game breaker tactics which had a massively detrimental effect on the network games. With the new version, you should be able to think how you'd like your team to play, and then using the shouts / tick boxes aligned with the roles set in the team, you should be able to customise your own tactics to your own team and the players you have. Ive tried it (albeit only for a small run of games) with 2 teams so far, and have found it very intuitive, and feel that using the range of options provided is better than moving a slider up a few spaces and hoping for the best. I like this so much so, that I may be come back to the clam myself this year
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