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  1. FM 10: Official West Ham United

    Oh i can understand where your coming from Johnmark I mean I have seen some stories that maybe are a little too OTT like taking a non league team to the prem in 5 years and winning Champ League in the 6th. As I said in my FM09 game the first season I finished 4th but it took me a few seasons to win the league and 9 years to get to the top of Europe. I had another bash last night at my FM10 game and my 2nd season is going worse. The game doesnt stick to one gameplan as this is my 2nd start with West Ham on FM10 as in my first attempt I lost my saved game and can see a number of differences between the lost save and my current one. I find this site really good and enjoy reading how others are getting on but sometimes I find that people think it should be real life. In reality West Ham will not get to 4th and like most WH fans we have probably all thought Zola should do this or that and thats where the game gives us the chance. Who knows if one of us was in charge of WH proper maybe they would end up 4th. The aim is to take WH to the top not to follow the WH of real. LOL it takes me nearly a month as it is to finish a season with the amount of time I get to play this game, if I replayed every game to get a win I would just about be finishing my first season come FM2011
  2. FM 10: Official West Ham United

    Ah its not gonna start here is it. I had the same in FM09 where I finished 4th on last day of the season. Was told it was impossible to do and even after uploading my saved game for people to rip apart some still didnt believe it. I find the game takes long enough without replaying games over and over. I had a good first season in FM10 but even after a takeover and money to spend i am not having a good time in my 2nd year, others seem to be having a good time and doing well and I just accept the fact that there are others out there that are better than me at this game so I say good luck to them.
  3. Notts County

    I am not playing NC myself however I would recommend reading this blog as the writer has just started on a Notts County game. http://www.footballmanagerstory.com/ The guy that runs it takes teams from the lower divisions and takes them to the top. The story contain excellent information and screen shots of every game. Been following his stories since he took Chesterfield to premiership glory.
  4. Surely with these transfers the problem is that you want to be rid of the players. If a player is worth 250k and you are trying to offload him who is going to offer the true value. Always come in at a lower price, i do the same when buying transfer listed players.
  5. good idea, could be time for an experiment
  6. I did make a similar reply to someone in another thread a couple of weeks back, unfortunately when a game is released bugs are going to be present. Alot of the time developers have to rely on users feedback to find these bugs, there is only so much testing they can do. If you buy a game on release day its something you have to accept. Reason why i went for FM09 after 9.3 patch was released.
  7. FM 10: Official West Ham United

    I didnt want to mate but Liverpool and Man City kept bidding for him and he was not happy when I was rejecting them. I tried to get him to sign a new contract and even adjusted the budget to give him more money but he was having none of it. Only let him go after I managed to get Fleck. The fans were ok with me though and even said it was a good bit of business selling him.
  8. FM 10: Official West Ham United

    my in's and out's for 1st season. Vieri doing suprisingly well and got a good few goals not mega amounts but making a difference, got him and Franco up front. Behrami is doing really well on the right wing and so is Daprela in the LB slot.
  9. I must confess that I find topics like this a little confusing. People are happy that FM is alot harder that they dont win. Am a West Ham fan myself and only ever play West Ham in the game but I look at it that my job is to make West Ham unbeatable and take them to the top. Ashton in mine is always injured which is def true to life and Parker was getting booked in mine so I tweaked things and so far he is calming down and is playing a blinder just behind the half way line. Way I see it is that you are trying to get the best out of these players. Every Saturday we all probably think why didnt Zola do this or do that and now we can kind of put our ideas to the test and hopefully succeed where Zola isnt. On the topic of the tweaks that SI have done, well think they are spot on. The staff feedback is excellent and the other little extras all add to the game, sure there are still a few problems but nothing is perfect. @Sussexhammer - how did it go at the bridge, i got killed 6-1
  10. FM 10: Official West Ham United

    I have started the game with West Ham twice (first save ended up corrupt). In both I have got the Italian chairman although he has not been generous with his money. In the game that crashed he invested £180m into the club but gave me only a few million for transfers, my current game he invested only 1.5m but did upgrade the facilities and give me an extra few million for transfers. Also he raised by transfer revenue percentage from 50 to 75% and at the end of November he pumped an extra £4m into the cash pot. This is only my first season though so am hoping for a bit extra in the summer window in 2010.
  11. FM 10: Official West Ham United

    Yeah mate win the FA Cup gets you a Euro spot or if you lose to a team in the final that has already qualified for Champ League then you should still get the Euro spot awarded to the cup winners. Having to start again with my West Ham game after my game would not load. Not doing too bad although this time round the new owners only invested £1.5m cash but did start work on upgrading the facilities and gave me an extra £4m for transfers funds (have £8m for Jan window). Will post up my transfers later on, have got Beckham coming to us though on Jan 1st.
  12. Anyone Dagenham and Redbridge

    Funnily enough mate I am gonna give them a bash. Usually only do West Ham but wanna challenge a bit lower down as as the Daggers were a local team then have to go for them. Be interested to hear how you get on
  13. FM 10: Official West Ham United

    Top work mate. West Ham can be a difficult team to manage in the Premiership so bringing success there I always feel a sense of achievement.
  14. FM 10: Official West Ham United

    No idea mate but mine hasnt gone as i had hoped. Our bank balance now looks perfect but even though just over £180m was pumped into the club my budget is still only £7m. Hoping for more come the summer
  15. 5 lol, dont get much free time