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  1. Any point in me playing ATM if there is no file.
  2. I need to work put my tactics, as in terms of passing and keeping the ball I play more direct, and only play shorter if my players aren't find each other or passes are getting intercepted. Maybe it's wrong I don't know.
  3. But before when I installed fm12 then I had the hall of fame file but not now.
  4. Nah it's not in there Neil, I don't know what to do now. I do want to play the game.
  5. Can any of the mods confirm what afterware stated. I swear the file was always in the folder when you installed the game. I'm confused now.
  6. I mean by trophies, awards etc, that's in the hall of fame file. I don't want to play the game if there I no hall of fame file.
  7. I usually play same formation as opposition so is that making my team more vulnerable then.
  8. So will none of achievements get recorded then?
  9. I want to know do you guys always change formations whether home or away, whether against a small or big team even if one formation is continually getting you wins. I mostly stuff with one formation in previous versions as I was winning, but now I don't know what exactly do do. Surely changing formations and tactics causes more harm than good doesn't it.
  10. It's unusual I haven't got it. I have uninstalled it and installed it and wasn't there. This hasn't happened to me before.
  11. Ye its not in that folder either. How can this be, its really strange.
  12. Basically I'm trying to copy the saves and hall of fame file over to my laptop. But when I tried to look for it, it was no where to be found. Why is this? Could t be because of the error messages I'm getting.
  13. The players i have won't be suited for the 442 formation tbh.
  14. What do you men close with windowed mode. Don't you exit in game?
  15. Ye just when I exit. Ye will ignore it but why does it happen.
  16. Don't you score a lot of goals and win matches with that formation. Seems a bit like cheating lol.
  17. I don't know the first 11 off my head but I can tell you the key players.
  18. I usually play pastore as AMC and as an advanced player maker. Seems the best for him.
  19. That's what I try to do, get a formation which suits my best players and adjust the instructions appropriately, but doesn't work. Thing is when looking at opposition tactics and what formation they use I just play my own, because I'm unsure as what the best formation would be against them Usually my marking is man marking, so not sure about single player one.
  20. But don't you have if different formations in the 3 tactics you create.
  21. It's a vista pc, 3ghz and 3gb ram. No that's always the message I get. I'm sure ll my drivers are up to date.
  22. Now I have started playing FM12 again and anytime I exit it says: "Football manager has stopped working" Why is this happening?
  23. So when you guys are winning and are on good form do you change formation whether playing home nd away. I only ever change the formation if my team is on a run of losses. But for years I only stick to one formation, I don't like changing it often. What about you guys,
  24. I understand that mate. I know you cant win all games. But tinkering with tactics and formations and still losing does get frustrating.
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