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  1. So have some of the issues been fixed now the game has been released. How is the game anyway?
  2. So to confirm all the problems will definitely be fixed when the game is released tommorow. Right?
  3. So will the ME be fixed on release date. I assume there will be updates if problems consist.
  4. WAIT! there is no man of the match. Correct me if im wrong didnt fm12 have man of the match stated.
  5. Thanks Neil will try this. Do you know why I am getting this and other error codes. Could getting a BSOD be because of the game.
  6. I tried some of these fixes but it sill happens.
  7. I'm getting sick of error codes. Now I'm getting parsing error code. I can't even play this game properly.
  8. Are you sure it will appear if I win a trophy, I can't ever imagine that's how the file existed.
  9. viiralx, i prefer an official yotube app for ipad not iphone app. Like I said I will watch on yotube directly by going on the website on the browser.
  10. Your lucky, I don't know whether to blame SI for this problem or what.
  11. Problem with the iPhone app working on iPad it doesn't look good IMO. Anyway probably watch the videos on SI's YouTube channel. Thanks guys.
  12. Oh right normal youtube is still flash. There is no offficial youtube app for ipad.
  13. Ye thanks dave for your suggestions. Im really disappointed with myself, as I was enjoying and having success with other versions of FM and now in FM12 im struggling. I wish I knew whats happened to me.
  14. Might have to view it on their youtube page. I know there is no flash support, but youtube DOES work on safari but not from this site though.
  15. I have tried everything to get to view the vidoes, but anytime I open a link in the video blog page, all that comes up is writing and no youtube video. Anyone have this problem. Dont know why this is happening as ipad play youtube anyway.
  16. Dave I dont mean to be off, but I dont really want to upload or download my save. Im just trying to figure out what has happened to me, from having lots of success to virtually nothing.
  17. Lost by alot of goals. Most likely will be sacked. I dont know why I am so average in this game compared to previous one. I dont know whats happened to me.
  18. I have usually set it to automatic as thats normal i think. Also I changed tactic and set match prep to high but it doesnt stay it goes back to average.
  19. Lol I know but I like looking at hat I have accomplished, and having the file makes it special.
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