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  1. I have two 4-5-1 formations. The one im using the most is two wide players, a centre mid, then two AMC on the right and left and one striker.
  2. In my first ever season on this version with PSG and am really finding it hard. So I'm playing 3 tactics. 1. 451 2 451 with two wide player, CM, two AMC RL players. I have short passing quick tempo/wide width and direct passing slow tempo/narrow width. the former applied to weaker and slow teams and the latter to big teams with faster players. But with these tactics I get thumped by smaller teams. My training is dependent of the games, I have attacking movement to work on making more chances but when conceding alot I work on defensive positioning. General training differs. Then when it comes to team talk I can never get the green bars light up it's always red and I never get a positive reaction no matter what tone I use. I have followed alot of things for this game, which is the hardest and least enjoyable for me EVER. Hope to have some ideas.
  3. What you say makes sense especially in this version. It seems you have to be precise and more importantly imagine that you are actually managing and try to be simple and effective as possible. But it isn't as easy as it seems.
  4. Ok mate I will try to open a thread in tactics but I hope it won't get closed.
  5. I am playing as a former international but even then I'm finding it hard.
  6. Nah gets too defensive as I prefer my team to be aggressive. Plus I have always played 4 at the back and 5 only when managing teams who came against the big boys.
  7. I came in as an ex footballer so I had some rep. It seems like you said I have no hope.
  8. No I have good players as I'm playing with PSG lol.
  9. I have really tried to get int this game since getting it but unlike others which I enjoyed, I'm really alienated with fm13. I'm not gonna blame SI for this, it's my own fault as it seems I'm not as good as others and as good as I thought. I have tried various tactics, I have read wwfans threads which by the way shows that he is a genius. But after tinkering with tactics, formations, being aggressive in teams talk and usually getting a negative response from the players my team is in the relegation zone and has been thrashed by low level teams. I hate the amounts of goals being conceded even though I got a solid defense. No doubt I will be sacked soon but after not playing this game consistently, its coming to a point where I will put it down for good which I really don't want to do. It's not about winning per se but actually enjoying the game and not being frustrated all the time. I have no clue what to do ATM. If anyone has an ideas I'm all ears.
  10. Thanks appreciate it. Cant believe i missed it lol.
  11. I havent changed the colours of the attributes, its still at default. Where do I go to change the colours as I cant find the option.
  12. So when I give a team talk pre or post match my players always seems to lose focus or react badly like not being confident and being nervous. My half time team talk is also useless as no one reacts. Why on earth are teams talks so hard hard to master in fm13?
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but its talking about the defensive vulnerabilities of the opposition and not your team. So what's weird about that?
  14. Ye comparing it to FM12 its a completely different game. But I state the tactics be used by my assistant. Ye I have looked at the 12 step thread from wwfan and have tried changing tactics to suit my players and play with tactics that differ to each match. I will try to tinker more. I think it's also not having the right formation I'm playing 352 even though I have got good wide players, so the best formation then could be 4321 or 4132.
  15. But other FM games had new ME didn't they? So I still had success on those with using same tactics I had before. Even on fm13 I'm slightly using different tactics but to no avail. That's the thing I dont play friendlies, I just let my assistant take control of those and plan the main matches. That's the thing I have always used my own tactics and would feel weird using or downloading someone else's tactic.
  16. So I recently got FM13 and thought I would like it but after playing some games how awful is the defending. I lost 5-1 to a crap team. How can you lose so heavily so often. I have always played with basic tactics and not advanced ones. I also haven't really known fundamental tactics like others here, so can't I play and achieve the way I did in previous fm games on fm13?
  17. Can't you create a son in the ?editor
  18. So I downloaded pros update pack and it has no summer transfers from 2012 for fm12. Am I the only one who is experiencing this?
  19. Well I have tried to go on clubs but it shows 0 results. To move player I go on people, customize filter write player name then search for team and move him. Is that right?
  20. So I have extarcted the files and put them the editordata folder. But when starting a new game it says default database and then I tick change. But when I choose my team for example man united, players like kagawa and van persie arent there. Why?
  21. Can anyone please help me?
  22. Hi I am still playing FM12 and want to edit the big teams on editor. But how do you edit and move players, cant find an option, seems complicated. Hope someone can help.
  23. Hmm. Mixed views then. Did SI intentionally make fm13 slower this year or is there so much in the game this year that it is slow.
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