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  1. Do you mean the team report, because i dont look at them to see which are the best player and the tactical analysis and which formations they use. But even after looking at them it doesnt really help me about other teams. Mind you i always check them against big teams. Does anyone actyally view or just see bits of the match in 3d view. Am i the only one who views it in 2D or 2d Classic.
  2. Please could anyone reply. I have a number of important question and would love feedback from the community.
  3. I have update 12.04 installed. Do i HAVE to update to the latest patch. Also in fm11 my coach used to tell me before each game how good my passing, dribbling etc is compared to other teams, is that not in fm12.
  4. Please would really appreciate any help, i cant view the match it just seems to stop i have to click the classic view myself. Also does match preparation really help.
  5. Richpl, i do do similiar style to real life teams. I usually play attack fluid football at home or counter balanced football away, and use different formations depending on the situation. But still not winning enough. I really deserve a break on THIS game.
  6. I thought it would be good to post questions about this game and hope for any helpful anwsers which could help everyone. Plus people could post their own if they wish. I hope this is ok. Anyway i want to know that when playing a match it doesnt shows the players playing i have to keep pressing classic view, why is this.
  7. Well i started a game with celtic, boy its hard, and after reading various tactics i tried them and still am losing games. Plus my finances are so little. Also regarding the screenshots for me tactics, its playing up, i am trying to get my laptop fixed and when i do i will upload them. But just show even though im trying everything in this game its no way near as easy or even fun compared to other versions like fm11.
  8. but how exactly do i do that, is there info for that.
  9. Your right guys, just need the right tactics in this game, i will post the relevant screenshots when i can. Also how can i actually upload my save game. Kinda feel weird about it.
  10. wwfan your right mate, its has evolved. I did love those games, had success, enjoyed it. Notr witrh this one though atm. It just bugs me the amount of electricity i had used playing tjose games bit still loved them but i cant feel like that with this one. Thats why i feel i have wasted the time on those even though i know i was good on those versions. Anyone i had read through on the sticky threads and also this one:7 http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279009-FM2012-Training-And-Match-Prep-Masterclass
  11. Well im not playing it atm but i really want to play it. Also im not throwing any advice out the window, i have tried tactics and has worked for me. Simple.
  12. Your right about understanding tactics. Even watching footy i cant take it in, whereas just reading tactics on here doesnt properly help me/
  13. wwfan, i have and am reading threads in the tactics forum. Why is everyone against me. How many times do i have to say i know how to play, why are people being harsh on me. So are you telling me u need to have alot of knowledge on football, if so i have basic knowledge and that has been enought for me until FM12. Im sorry if im being passionate but i love the fm series and i take offence that people are saying i need to start again. Im just thinking was i ever good at this game.
  14. Well for example the passing is kept on default as well as on other tactics. I havent played the game for over a week now and why would i need to start from scratch if i have been playing since 07, it just seems wrong. Im no newbie i do know stuff about football, maybe not alot when playing the game but i try my best to understand it.
  15. I dont want to sound arrogant, but i like anyone want to learn what tactics to use on my own merit, i believe using someone elses doesnt make it fun. Sorry im just giving my opinion. I have check the tactics forum, some i have tried but have inconsistent results.
  16. I really am not trolling, i am trying to follow advice, but seems there is new advice all time such as reading a guide. Now trust me i really respect the guys who are the best at this game but im just suprised at how poor i am. Even after reading info from zonalmarking.com i was totally sure on what to do. Why does this game have to be so difficult, never had so a problem before. I will post screenshots.
  17. wwfan i have always had success on other fm games on what i knew, so reading real life tactics makes me seem crap now as i have never read about it before but i know some stuff about real life footy but not alot. The more i post the more i get depressed. Just seems all the time i played FM was pointless but now even more that people are saying read up about footy tactics.
  18. But i have always played the fm series as it is, its really strange people suggesting reading up on real life tactics, i doubt people do that with all games.
  19. Ye no problem, i have to do that in another thread of mine, will try to get it done 2moro now.
  20. I really do appreciate all the comments and help from u guys. Like i have said before and even now. I love the fm series, without a doubt one of my all time fav games, but after having so much success in previous versions, i just cant do that with this game for some reason, and it hurts that i cant and makes me feel like i have wasted time and electricity over the years, and im not kidding. Im no football expert and some of the tactics some of u have mentioned i have rarely ever used, but i do want to now and get the success back and know more than the basics. BTW i have the patch 11.0.4 i think and not the latest one, does that make a difference.
  21. Im not stating any over and over again, i am taking what people are saying but it doesnt bloody help. I aint no cheater that i would use the editor. I just want to be as great and successful as i used to be, im doing same things as i was b4 in this one but no no avail. sSorry if im whining but i really want to consistent results. Its comments like these which seem to be full of attitude. I thought there would be more nice people here.
  22. Im not whining im hust saying how im feeling. I keep bloody losing home and away, The same team i could win the league with in this game, i had won the league 10 times in the last game and that was just doing basic things. ARGGGGG. Why is people here so unhelpful. I have read that part if the forum but doesnt help.
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