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  1. Hi can anyone who has the game give me the good and bad of the game. Im 50/50 in getting the game as there has been a lot of mixed opinions as it is every year but this year seems different. I am unable to test the demo for myself as my computer is in repair so I would appreciate any opinions from people who have the game to lay out the pros and cons as it will decide if I get the game.


  2. So I'm considering getting fm15 as I never bothered with fm14. But I have a few questions about the game which is bothering me which I hope people can help.

    1. Maybe I'm stupid lol but I have noticed there are real club badges now when I played fm13 I am sure I saw real badges. Is this something new or has the "fake" badges been in the game for a long time? Also is there any other licensing issues I don't know about? I know the German national team isn't on the game or German players I think as well.

    2. Also i havent played since fm13 what are the major improvements and how is the match engine?

    3. I have read in this years version before starting the game you have an option of two badges so being a manager and being on the training field. Why have SI added this and isnt this going to make things more complicated?

  3. Yes there are plenty of UNOFFICIAL but quite popular and from what I hear very professional updates. If it was me I would just download the demo. It would certainly pay get some practice before FM15 as the tactics underwent a severe overhaul. Only problem is it will be a non refined version of the game and will have rosters up to date as at Sep/Oct if you only play the demo and you can only do six months per save.

    Where exactly do I get these transfer updates for fm14?

    Why would I download the fm14 demo exactly?

    Will tactics be completely different in fm15?

  4. Hi guys haven't been in here fir a long time due to exams, work etc.

    What I want to know is I have yet to play fm14, is it any point getting fm14 now with fm15 coming out soon?

    If I did get fm14 is there some update from the latest transfer window I can get instead of going through each transfer through the editor?

  5. I think no one knows the actual release date but I'm pretty sure they'll do another update to this one relatively soon in the near future as they have acknowledged some issues with regard to the ME and transfers. I'm personally thinking that they might do 1 within a week or two but that's my guess and wish :)

    Do u know if this bug resolves the crashing when go through the early months when clicking continue?

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