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  1. Hi can anyone who has the game give me the good and bad of the game. Im 50/50 in getting the game as there has been a lot of mixed opinions as it is every year but this year seems different. I am unable to test the demo for myself as my computer is in repair so I would appreciate any opinions from people who have the game to lay out the pros and cons as it will decide if I get the game. Thanks.
  2. Do you have to pay for the editor? Would anyone give me the positives and negatives of the games? I'm unable to play the demo as my computer is in repair and really am considering this game but am kinda put off my some comments here.
  3. This is a question regarding the new two manager style feature to this game. How exactly do you choose which one suits you best? What have most people chose one or the other or both?
  4. So I'm considering getting fm15 as I never bothered with fm14. But I have a few questions about the game which is bothering me which I hope people can help. 1. Maybe I'm stupid lol but I have noticed there are real club badges now when I played fm13 I am sure I saw real badges. Is this something new or has the "fake" badges been in the game for a long time? Also is there any other licensing issues I don't know about? I know the German national team isn't on the game or German players I think as well. 2. Also i havent played since fm13 what are the major improvements and how is the match engine? 3. I have read in this years version before starting the game you have an option of two badges so being a manager and being on the training field. Why have SI added this and isnt this going to make things more complicated?
  5. But are those threads for the updates stated from fmscout on this website?
  6. Because I want to know which is the best update.
  7. Can anyone recommend the complete transfer update? There seems to be a number of updates and pr0 hasnt finished his.
  8. I'm probably gonna get fm14. It's cheap ATM. I'm confused what's the difference from the updates on fmscout compared to on here? With so many uploaders of the latest transfer updates which s the best one? Some have more transfers than others.
  9. Ye I am not sure if I went to the write place but there wasnt a complete latest transfer update. Could you point me in the right direction?
  10. I have been on the editor forum on here but can't find a complete update for the transfers. Is there a link that anyone can give to the complete list of transfers?
  11. Is there a best latest update from the data editor forum? So do you guys think its best getting the full FM14 game then, really want to play it, demo wont last long I dont think?
  12. Where exactly do I get these transfer updates for fm14? Why would I download the fm14 demo exactly? Will tactics be completely different in fm15?
  13. Hi guys haven't been in here fir a long time due to exams, work etc. What I want to know is I have yet to play fm14, is it any point getting fm14 now with fm15 coming out soon? If I did get fm14 is there some update from the latest transfer window I can get instead of going through each transfer through the editor?
  14. Do u know if this bug resolves the crashing when go through the early months when clicking continue?
  15. Does the game still crash after a certain day/month? Will there be another update in the future or wll 14.1.3 be main one atm?
  16. Because alot of people are saying the same thing, and I highly doubt their feedback is wrong if quite a few people are saying the same thing. So I refuse to play the demo until updates are made to the full game which resolve the issues.
  17. Will those issues be fixed in regards to the ME soon? Well I will only play it and even buy it when there arent all these problems and so will hope future updates will fix the problems.
  18. Man all this negative feedback which seems spot on has put me off buying this game. Seems the ME has gotten worse since FM13.
  19. But how exactly, could you explain please? Any plans for SI to sort this out?
  20. So are the low ratings of the defenders having a big impact on the game? In terms of rep in lower leagues, how is the transfer system in regards to it.
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