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  1. On the subject of training, I get this a lot but not sure how to resolve as the options in training is limited. Any ideas?
  2. Really enjoyed reading your journey, especially as I'm also in a season one save with Bologna. Good luck bouncing back!
  3. I'm considering buying a Huawei MediaPad t3 10 too and also wondered if anyone could share their own experiences please?
  4. Regarding memory, the 4gb is sufficient unless you want to store many other Vita games on there of course! But for FM its perfectly fine.
  5. Great concept, but if you wanted maximum realism, then I would suggest a new rule for FM to be run in the native language you're managing in.
  6. Great ideas there and I like your style! I've got a Chief Scout role going in a Hayes & Yeading save if you're interested
  7. Hi everyone I haven't managed to find a similar thread on here via search so apologies if this has already been done before. I'm wondering how the rest of you take notes on your saves and I thought this could be a great opportunity to share methods so we can all improve our own game experience. Method Do you use the Notebook facility within the game (I don't think this is available on FMT mode)? Do you use your own physical notepad? Do you use Excel? Do you use a separate tablet/phone? Do you use a specific app to take notes? Do you not take any notes at all? Purpose To help organise tactics and training To record transfer targets and squad requirements Any others To kick this off, I usually keep notes to plan attribute requirements for each position within my tactic, record no.of players vs available squad positions and to organise training.
  8. This post won't help you in any way but I thought I would reply by explaining I'm in exactly the same position. I'm struggling to even finish a season for pretty much the same reasons. I would get the hunger for FM, get a save going, spend loads of time on a tactic, be really meticulous on training, staff, new signings etc then a few games in it just dies!
  9. Hi Neil I have been having the same problems and have tried the suggestions above. Even after shutting down and restarting, when I load Steam, FM shows as "running", as if it was possible. I would really appreciate the help if possible please. And yes, I am running Avast. Many thanks
  10. Hi Neil I have uploaded the save within the game-crash folder and have prefixed the save file with (Prestige Worldwide). Thanks for looking into this. Many thanks
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