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  1. This is what such enhanced TV money causes, matches moved for television coverage. Can you potentially increase the ability of your rotation players to attempt to cover the squad better?
  2. Pretty much the same as everyone on here so far, I make my own. However, with the slight caveat that I tend to pick my manager's preferred system in head before I start the save, then spend the save developing this system - even if this system is not strictly how I would like to see a team play in real life. For example, last year, I developed a defensive 5-3-2 focused on hardly any possession and quick counters, whereas IRL I enjoy to watch a possession-oriented tactic and the football that creates. As others have said, developing tactics is one the most enjoyable parts of the game for me too, especially when something in a created tactic seems to 'click'.
  3. I'll probably start unemployed with a random European nationality, and play from there. Normally involves a lot of managing around the lower leagues of random European nations, mainly Eastern, then getting a big break in one of the top European leagues. I have tried South America in past versions, but the fixture congestion killed my enjoyment.
  4. I am now at Sporting CP attempting to win a CL. This is after spells at Newcastle, FC Bayern, Gladbach, Galatasaray, Hannover, Levski, Lierse and FC Emmen - in reverse order. That includes 10 back to back Bundesliga wins with FC Bayern, one with an all German squad.
  5. Hi mate. Cracking thread, really enjoying reading about the gradual transformation of the club, you're doing a great job. Also, I'm enjoying the way you write, nothing too full on and just concise summaries are really keeping me interested. I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of screenshots of your best/favourite players though, especially your HG youngsters. You mentioned earlier on in the thread about taking the next step - I think it'll come from recieving those 50% sell on clauses, evidenced by the recent Hansen one. How good is he these days to command that kind of fee? Any other youngsters that you've sold that look like becoming world beaters? Finally, keep hold of Cocu for as long as possible, he looks as though he could be truly incredible. FWIW, I don't post that much these days, but this is the sort of career that keeps me interested in reading, so just wanted to say cheers. Best thread title for a while on these forums too.
  6. So, for example, if I was to start with no badges, past experience Sunday league footballer, would my mental stats never increase based on the badges I earned? If this is so, whats the point in being a "Tactical Manager"?
  7. One of the worst replies I've ever seen. However, OP, its probably just a case of horrendous luck. I would have immediately pressed Alt+F4, Enter, Enter, Enter, and walked away. Because my mouse is my laptop's touchpad, and me breaking that would be expensive.
  8. Okay, will do when I get home tonight. Will have to wait until my new club agree to send me on a course and will go from there.
  9. Thats what I figured/hoped. I really just wanted to make sure it wasn't hard-coded or required a new game to take effect. That is, of course, if it exists in the first place. Can you see my confusion here?!
  10. In the Career's forum, and also in the Challenge's forum. I am in 2018, and still remain on the license I started with. I have only attempted to achieve a higher license twice, and haven't got it, or any messages about the course since my request to try and achieve it was accpeted, it is now over 2 years since the first request was accepted. I have however changed jobs twice and didn't notice whether or not these switches came during the process. I am fairly sure, the first one especially, did not as the License course should have apparently taken 4 months and I was in that job for 2 years. I really don't want to progress too far if I'm going to be stuck with a National A License throughout the game. Can anyone confirm that they have achieved a higher coaching license on a game started on the original beta before any updates?
  11. Just to re-affirm my interest in having this question answered: I've heard that games started in the beta mean that I can never get my coaching badges as it always gets stuck, and I would have to re-apply to begin the course again - leading to a vicious cycle in which I never earn my National A License. Is this true, or some awful rumour?
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