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  1. This tactic is sensational but only with the right type of players. Your back 4 need to be quck players, preferably over 15 speed, so that you won't get caught out by long balls as your defenders can recover with their speed. Your box to box midfielder needs to be physically strong to win all the headers in midfield, I got Fellaini in this role and he is an absolute beast in my team. Use a left footer on left side and right footer on right side, it makes a big difference, and obviously the inside forwards have to quick players. The AMC and ST don't have to be quick, but they need to have good finishing because these 2 will score the most goals. If you are unsure, just buy any fast players you can find and plug them into this tactic, and you will most likely be successful
  2. hey man just want to thank you for your tactic, so awesome!! I played with United as well and totally wiped out everyone in the league. However I seemed to fall short on the CL because the European teams seem to do well against this tactic. Nonetheless I congratulate your awesome work :):applause:
  3. I have experienced the same thing as well, 5-6 CCC on average yet my team rarely score over 2 goals.
  4. This tactic is increaible, you just need to get the sliders right on team settings in every start of season and turn of year (time where AI adjust to the tactic). Once you get the settings right, it is by far the best tactic. Admitely it does takes a couple of games to get it right or maybe even longer, but it's worth it a the end. I managed to get a 35 games winning streak conceding just 5 goals in the process. I dominated possession and all the chances, so defence turned out to be not as important.
  5. Just blew up a 3 goal lead ending up with a draw, when opponent switch to 4-2-4 Im screwed, tried to lower mentality and defensive line but no used.
  6. Tick offside trap on, it helps a great deal, now I haven't been conceding goals from those 2 types mentioned before.
  7. This is exactly what Im experiencing right now, I only ever conceded these 2 kind of goals
  8. 4th game lost 2-0 against Blackburn, the difference between home and away is massive
  9. Third game Newcastle 2-3 Arsenal, the defensive problems are more apparent playing away to a poor team, could only scored 2 goals with corners.
  10. Second game Arsenal 5-0 Stoke, this tactic is so great going forward, I can still see some defensive holes but overall it is an amazing tactic.
  11. First game Arsenal 3-2 Villa, Lead by 3 goals, but then I let Villa strikers run in behind my defenders multiple times ending up with 2 goals. I had to lower my defensive line but still no used, managed to hold on at the end.
  12. There are too many aimless long shots with this tactic, it's winning and dominating possession, but I can only score with set pieces or some tap in, I simply fail to create chances at all.
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