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    Currently taking part in dafuge's FM13 challenge with Kettering Town

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  1. I've just read through the whole of this; very enjoyable and a great idea for a save. I have always tended to stick at one club for as long as possible, but this has inspired me to start a similar save. Good luck with it
  2. A deep-lying forward will stay drop deep into space with the intention of linking the play and supporting teammates. A defensive forward will press and close down defenders and allow them as little time on the ball as possible
  3. It was Birmingham v Aston Villa when Peter Enckelman let a throw in roll underneath his foot and into the goal. He didn't actually touch it though, so the referee should have actually given a corner.
  4. I'm still playing my original save on FM13 and will be for some time. I've enjoyed it so much, I've never felt the need to buy the newer versions
  5. I guess it would increase when you fine players or give them a warning
  6. It's just pure snobbery from people who look down on FMC and those who play it. Personally, I play the full version and haven't played FMC, but wouldn't knock anyone that does. I think if you have paid for the game, you have the right to play it however you like.
  7. That quite often happens in real life, too. The losing team eventually get their act together and go into damage limitation to keep the score down, and the winning team will take their foot off the gas, whether they mean to or not.
  8. My biggest win was 9-1 in the Champions League - I forget who the opponents were. My biggest defeat was 8-1 away at Chelsea. It started badly and got worse. My centre back played a 3.8 or something. Horrific. My brother once won 13-0 - the opponent's GK got injured early doors, then his replacement was sent off for denial of a goalscoring opportunity. They stuck their striker in goal and it was carnage from then on in.
  9. I view the press conferences as a necessary evil, in that I only attend them to avoid sending my assman and having him say something stupid. I can click on the 'right' answer without even reading the question. It's just so formulaic.
  10. I would have enjoyed Tactical View a lot more if the commentary was in sync with the pictures - I had to go back to the normal view after about two minutes!
  11. I'm the Kettering manager, and have taken them from the Blue Square North to three Premier League titles, all the cups bar the Champions League, which continues to elude me, and have won the Euros and the World Cup with England (not bragging!). I have also achieved the borderline obsessive stage, my workmates bought me a Kettering shirt and I'm going to see them play this season. I have a full-on love for Gonzalo Aranda, my Argentinian regen centre forward. 300 goals and three Ballons d'Or later, he will forever have legendary status at the club. I could go on and on, and often do (much to the annoyance of my girlfriend...)
  12. I'm still on my original save on FM13 and enjoy it as much as ever. The challenge is still there for me - I've been the same team the whole time and the year in game is now 2043. I enjoy FM, as an adult, in a different way though to when I played the old Championship Managers as a kid. Then, for me, it was a lot more about being in charge the biggest teams - Man United, Barcelona, etc - and seeing who you could buy to assemble the best squads possible - my mates and I used to print our squads off and take them into school to compare (we all bought Cherno Samba, of course...) It didn't lend itself to a long term save though, which I prefer these days.
  13. I usually do the Dafuges Challenge, but am tempted to do a club and country save this time around. Failing that, I think I might start the game with Borussia Dortmund - it's been a while since I have started at a big club, so it will be a welcome change
  14. I've never done the suit for a cup final thing, although I did once crack open a bottle of bubbly to treat myself after we won the Premier League (Kettering Town). One little custom/superstition is to play the Champions League music before each game in the competition
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