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  1. Home form is brilliant but away games it’s like different team especially against big teams, any suggestions for away?
  2. This one just hasn't clicked for me franky like your others have, the triumvirate one still works wonders though!
  3. Used most of your other tactics with good success, look forward to trying this tomorrow!
  4. My results since starting with this, i'm happy enough seeing as my team is miles behind the rest of the league in terms off ability
  5. First game with your tactic i did this to a almost full strength liverpool in the cup, i'm a mid table championship side. Brilliant tactic!!!
  6. Was wondering what everyone thinks? Have had mostly decent results but with odd strange ones Never really made my own tactic, always used ones from here so any advice would be great Thanks
  7. Could we have some screenshots of the teams in lower leagues?
  8. Defending and goalkeeping on 3D is looks laughable, keepers also seem to get injured during games regularly
  9. Saved as normal last night everything was fine, come on to download update now my saved game wont load, any ideas? The backups to it are fine, just dont fancy starting two weeks behind as i was in transfer window and had done alot of scouting etc which i cant remember now!
  10. You've got a step further then me i cant even find it! I'm after the usual editor btw not the in game one
  11. What has happened to lower league transfers, only thing i play and its ruining game for me
  12. "This game is crap because i'm rubbish at it, i'm of back to a game where i've had a year to learn to play it which makes it better" idiot
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