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  1. There are a lot of u18 games finishing with very high scores. Shrewsbury u18s won 8-0, 7-0 three times and lost 9-0! They are not the only ones with high scores tho Also while continuing the game one of the headings said possession key to man city win, but they lost 3-1?
  2. First off let me say a massive shout out to Kriss, FrazT, and any other mod who has helped me, and others tirelessly over the YEARS, from this forum. How you have kept your santity over all this time is beyond me! I would have punched my screen out long ago!!!! Do any of you even have time to play FM? Now back to my point. Im having issues with the tactics screen. Everytime i insert a column it removes my av raiting. And if i try to make any column smaller or larger i lose my avr aswell. Is this something screen res related? Is this a problem anyone else is having? All i am doing is adding assists to selection info. Its not that i dont have the space to fit the assist column in. Also on a separate note, are there any plans to update the screen zoom by another %? 100% and 95% makes my screen look enormous with loads of screen scroll to do, but 75% in way too small.
  3. On my tactics screen changed my interface zoom to 75%. Now when im looking at there selection info, if i add the assist list, the avr rating disappears. Carnt seem to drag it from the right, or readd from list, if that makes any sense? Just me or? EDIT - Just added another list and removed it straight away and the avr is back
  4. Dont think he ment hes played as all of them. Think he is saying neither him nor barca etc have had any good regens.
  5. My fav time of the year too. I go to world/transfer/youth intake, and the list from that month is there. Then depending how much time you have on your hands hover on the i next to players and scroll the list. I put it in club order so as not to look through all the lower league players, sometimes!
  6. OK Hear goes. Brondby 0 Bromley 8 Yes 8. Got Stoke next away in Cup. Bet they smash me
  7. Good work Anderson. Been lookin at this thread on the regs. His stats are really dissapearin now but keep it up. I NEED to know how this turns out. Will he become a manager, will HE have a son, will that son win a world cup with his Grandad as manager????
  8. At least once a day me and my brother will call each other to discuss tactics, players we want to buy, who we have found in game, as if its R/L. Plus all of my closest friends play the game and we r constantly talkin fm. Also on a sat night if we can all get together we have upto 6 different laptops on the go with indervidual FM. But then again is that takin it to far or just normal for FM gamers.
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