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  1. Fixtures won't reschedule...

    its already set as domestic league low but thanks anyway
  2. Fixtures won't reschedule...

    can you tell me where to go on editor to do that please?
  3. Basically, i have created a super league, i came to play a game but nearly all of my team were on international duty so i had no players, how do i get my fixtures to reschedule to a different date when the international games are on?
  4. I think for fm10 it should come without the 3d so people with not a very big graphics system can play it or if people just dont like it, but for the people who want to play it on 3d (like me) there should be something you can download to get the 3d
  5. In the podcast he said that there was going to be testing over this weekend so im guessing if the patch passes the tests it will be released tommorow.
  6. What time tonight is the podcast comeing out?
  7. will the patch automaticlly update on steam?