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  1. outtasync

    The financial sections of the game

    Figured i'd throw in some transfer figures from my save to corroborate what's been discussed above (i'm in 2021). Some of the fees in the first window aren't that far from those that are floating about right now (e.g. Nainggolan to United for 68m pounds does not look out of place right now). However it's only till 2020 that the 100m pound mark was breached, granted it's only 3 years into the future but i think the amount of inflation seems reasonable. I am expecting fees to keep increasing. Sorted by date so you can see the transfer fees as time passes:
  2. IMO a 'default' tactic made using tactic creator is actually quite sound in terms of mentalities and instructions that in the past most players don't even bother with
  3. outtasync

    Central Midfielders

    agreed 100%. i've jack wilshere in my team for years and ive tried to no avail to make him a key part of my squad. i have my whole team with ratings easily averaging 7.5 to 8 the whole season yet players like wilshere are getting 6.X!! yet we are still winning consecutive league titles
  4. i remember having this problem in previous editions too. if so this would probably warrant a fix?
  5. are u having problems with getting ur CMs to get respectable ratings? ive won the premier league 3 years in a row and my team averages 7.5 per season, except for the CMs who are struggling to get above 7
  6. HEY seems like there is no difference at all between this version and the thespios version?? can anyone verify?
  7. anyone finding it hard for the CMs to get good ratings? all my CMs are getting the lowest ratings among all the players
  8. i think it might be worth trying them out as advanced playmakers with cut inside. the players in question were obertan and ben arfa, i understand their teamwork stat is low, but im sure IRL managers can somewhat instruct (or order) them to look for the pass.
  9. ok guess i'll have to scout for players with the ppm then!
  10. im on the brink of tearing my hair out now!! 2 strikers vs keeper and the striker chooses to slam it straight into the keeper's face! surely theres something in the tactics which i can do?
  11. ok, though i thought putting passing to short will restrict his options so he will inevitably shoot instead?
  12. As in title. How do I stop my players from trying to score, rather than finding an open teammate for an easy goal? especially since these guys (usually my inside forwards) have craptastic finishing.. I've put time wasting up to often, any other suggestions? i preferably dont want to get a PPM just for this
  13. maybe leave his stats as it is but give him "worried by his lack of goals" and low morale that'll stop him scoring at the moment