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  1. Some of you may have read my previous posts under the "Your best/longest career?" thread, however I thought this thread would be more appropriate to post my updates, should it be of any interest to anyone... As the title suggests, I am still playing FM11 and am almost at the start of the 2101-02 season and has survived three different laptops. I currently have 5 different managerial profiles on the go. CW and AW have been profiles which have lasted the entire duration of my game to date. CW started out as the manager of Tottenham Hotspur and AW set out as the manager of Shrewsbury To
  2. Haven't been on here for a short period...what with the World Cup going on and all that... !!!! Quick update to my previous post... As England, sadly I got knocked out of Euro 2100 in the Semi Finals to eventual winners Italy. However, it has now made me more determined to win the 2102 World Cup !! In the meantime, season 2100-01 has now been completed. Another Premier League title in the bank for Fulham, our 52nd in a row. Made it a double for the season by destroying Championship side Hull City 6-0 in the FA Cup final. Lazio successfully retained the Serie A title, but more su
  3. Season 2099-2100 is at an end... Fulham went 26 games unbeaten through to the end of the season and, coupled with a stutter from Chelsea, ended up winning the league by 14 points, scoring 114 goals in the process and finishing with a goal difference of +97. Chelsea managed to cling on to 2nd despite a late surge from Arsenal and Everton secured the final Champions League spot, pipping Tottenham to 4th by virtue of goal difference. I had played weakened teams in both domestic cup competitions and paid the price, being knocked out early on in both competitions. But this was offset by c
  4. I think I went the best part of 12 months without playing my game save a few years ago. This game save was one of the first I got going with when FM11 came out. I seem to remember getting somewhere in the region of the late 2030's and that's when I had a hiatus from playing it for a while and then one day, I randomly remember loading the game up and trying to pick up where I left off, and the rest as they say is history !!!! Trouble is if I tried to list all my managerial jobs and achievements, I would probably end up with an entire thread to myself - with pages and pages of waffle and us
  5. The managerial profiles do not appear to age over 100. The dates of birth remain the same, so in fact I have one profile who is now almost 119, another one who I think is around 116 and the Fulham manager is either just turned 100 or about to !!!!
  6. I always used to, to be honest, but there was just something about this game save that made me keep going. I certainly didn't envisage that when I started it all those years ago, that I would still be going now and I definitely didn't think I would manage the same team for more than 70 (game) years !! My motivation has been to just keep winning and to watch the promising youngsters transform into World Class Internationals thanks, in part, to my man-management !! Ooops... Spot on !! Now amended !!!!
  7. Well I have just reached the end of the century, which just sounds crazy, but yes my game date currently reads 31st December 2099... Fulham currently sit second in the Premier League Table, 3 points behind fierce rivals Chelsea, with Arsenal 3 points behind me and Everton a further point back. In an earlier post, I talked about the possibility of changing my formation, one which has stayed consistent for more than 70 years and I indeed took the plunge and did just that. The change resulted in a 7-1 victory over Sheffield Wednesday during it's first outing and has also resulted in a 4-1 wi
  8. 2098-99 End of Season update and 2099-2100 commencement... The 2098-99 season ended in mixed fashion. Lazio overcame the odds to win the Coppa Italia, beating Serie A winners Genoa 1-0 in the final. Fulham however were surprisingly beaten 2-1 in the Champions League final by Bayern Munich. England International defender James Davies had an absolute nightmare, being at fault for both goals within the first 15 minutes of the game, from which we never recovered. The wait for a 43rd Champions League trophy goes on at least another 12 months... As expected, the Glasgow Rangers manager was
  9. I don't mind at all, quite enjoy it in actual fact !! Here you go, as you will see the Premier League still maintains an air of familiarity about it, albeit with a few unusual teams in there. Shrewsbury's Premier League status is largely down to me and the meteoric rise from the National League to the Premier League, however since I left the post they have managed to maintain their Premier League status. Hopefully the pictures all upload properly...
  10. As promised, here is the update; 2098-99 season has now concluded, albeit with the Champions League final still to come, which pits Fulham against Bayern Munich. Premier League number 61 is now in the bank, the 49th consecutive title win, along with another Community Shield, another FIFA World Club Cup and another FA Cup. So all in all, another successful season. On a negative note, I have had a falling out with one of my best midfielders. Six months after signing a new contract, England International Danny Reynolds threw his toys out of his pram and demanded a transfer after growing
  11. Brief update; Have just concluded the 2097-98 season, winning my 48th consecutive Premier League title for Fulham. My record of achievement at Fulham now stands at the following; Premier League Titles x 60. Championship League Titles x 1. FA Cup Wins x 36. League Cup Wins x 37. Community Shield Wins x 49. Champions League Wins x 42. UEFA Super Cup Wins x 38. FIFA World Club Cup Wins x 41. Europa League Wins x 1. I still have the four managerial profiles on the go, managing Lazio and Glasgow Rangers alongside Fulham with the fo
  12. Keep randomly remembering things from my epic game save !!!! Alongside my Fulham profile, I managed Barcelona for what could have been the best part of 30 years. In what turned out to be my final season in charge, I managed the "perfect league season" of played 38, won 38 I didn't think this was possible, but as the season climax got closer, I realised that it was a huge possibility. So I kept rotating the team, just subtle changes each time and it paid off !!!! After winning the Champions League that same season, I thought what better moment to walk off into the sunset than after
  13. Further to my previous post, I have just won my 45th consecutive Premier League title and capped the season off by being allowed to keep the UEFA Champions League trophy for an eighth time having won the competition for an historic 40 times !!!! The domination shows no signs of slowing down Forgot to mention in my previous post, probably my most fulfilling achievement to date was taking Shrewsbury Town from Conference National league all the way to the Premier League in the 2080's and then winning the League Cup. Admittedly they were struggling at the bottom of League Two when I took over
  14. Loved reading about some of your game saves I only found it by searching google for longest Football Manager game saves as, believe it or not, I am still playing FM11 and I am currently in the 2094/95 season !! I have four different profiles on the go within that game save and that particular save has lasted through three different laptops !! I started the game with two different profiles as I always liked to start with one high profile team and one lower league team. So my game save started as manager's of Tottenham and my local team Shrewsbury Town. I added a third profile during
  15. Most of the players I remember signing "back in the day" have already been mentioned (the likes of Lunden, Selakovic and Hansson) but I always used to build my defence around a couple of scandinavians....Frederik Risp and Mikael Antonsson. Both high quality central defenders for a small premier league club. Martin Ericsson was a brilliant all round midfielder who chipped in with his fair share of goals too. Mikael Dorsin is probably worth an honorary mention too!!!
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