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  1. I stated that I would highly appreciate changes in top management. This could also be a change in attitude. So I still don´t see which line I crossed. In what world do you live? Considering the size of the community, receiving criticism and even insults is guaranteed. But, unfortunately, that´s life, and as long as you are in the business of selling games, that´s something you have to swallow. In my opinion, it´s exceptionally disrespectful not to involve the community in the long-term plans, especially considering the massive impact of community content on the overall quality of the game.
  2. Well, criticism and people who cross lines are part of the business, and while no one expects that every SI employee is active here, there should be a community manager. Sorry, I don´t get your point. So because features are planned years in advance, is why there is zero interaction with the community? Please take a look at SCS. I also don´t get why my post was deleted. I didn´t cross any of the mentioned lines. I´m out of here, way too much disrespect for long-time customers.
  3. This comes up every year. I know SI doesn´t like to communicate with their community but did they ever comment on this? I see it coming. In 2050 we are still looking back at the glorious 2017 match engine. Until then, they add some new animations every year.
  4. Same as every year: Disappointing! I don't care about features that get annoying instantly and the yearly pinker skin. Admittingly, there were more significant improvements to the match/graphic engine last year, but it's by far not enough. It's the heart of a football simulation. I'm sorry, but it's a failure as long as there is no difference between a non-league match and the Champions League final. When I look at the development for the last 10-15 years, especially how they celebrate themselves, it's disappointing, and I don't sympathize with SI. A similar-sized studio like SCS is doing a much better job. Yes, I know it's only a first trailer, and I could wait for the demo, but it would be naive to believe in massive improvements.
  5. Wouldn´t it be a good idea to first improve the vintage graphic engine? In its current state, it can´t even display the differences between the Champions League final and an amateur game. Weird priorities.
  6. I noticed peak current/potential abilities. This is new, right? I wonder what this means. Peak abilities in previous database versions?
  7. Thank you! I missed this. I just don´t get it why they don´t add the editor. This would add so much to the immersion, while the community would do the real work. But it seems there are already ways to edit stadiums.
  8. Stumbled upon this one: I guess this is a real niche product. Still, overall graphics are at least on the same level and regarding the stadiums, IMO they are better.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4v6wFVJY9w I would even say graphics are better than FM. And this game is for Android and iOS! Why does no official ever comment on the lack of progress in this area? This adds to the frustration!
  10. What? The AI wasn´t brought up by me. This was another poster. But I would like to hear statements about the long-terms plans in regards of the graphic/match engine and if a stadium editor is something they look into or are even working on it. So this makes me an ignorant idiot?
  11. Since the AI is often criticized, why don´t you make the effort and provide a one-time statement explaining the complexity of this issue? In the future, whenever this comes up again, the mods could refer to this. The same applies to other common issues like the state of the graphic and match engine and something like a stadium editor, which was heavily discussed prior the release. Sorry, but a lot of the frustration is caused by poor communication on your end. In my opinion, it shouldn´t be like this. In the end, you are expecting your customers to pay, more or less, for a yearly update. So at least they should know where are you heading.
  12. Then why is it that we haven´t seen any longer match engine footage, yet? Again, iirc, in the past this was always released along with the new features list. Just in my opinion, they can´t be thrilled about it. Otherwise, not much sense holding it back.
  13. Following this logic, why do they mention the new skin then? Was there ever a version the last years when they didn´t change it? Sorry, obviously you are just protecting SI, no matter what. So why they don´t mention the changes? Should I just trust them, especially since last years version was a big step backwards? Iirc, before they improved the match engine in every update. Recently, no changes in the winter update. From my perspective, this looks like they keep them until autumn and call it a new version.
  14. I didn´t write it´s THE new feature. But it was the first new feature of their presentation. Just mentioning a new skin as feature at all is preposterous. They change it every year and every year the community does a better job. So far, I haven´t read anything about match engine improvements. It´s either there are none or something with SI´s emphasis is completely wrong.
  15. A more balanced view wouldn´t hurt you either... There are very few "new feature addicts" here. And if the use of "Fanboys" is banned, this term should be as well. Apart from that, it was SI who set the emphasis by naming the new skin their No.1 feature. What a marketing disaster. Personally, I don´t need any new features. Just major improvements of the match engine would be sufficient. Again, this doesn´t necessarily include graphics.
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