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  1. Honestly so so disappointed they've kept the match UI as horrible as it has ever been for the second year running. It is so so difficult to get the information you need to feel immersed in the game. Please for the love of god go for the customisable widget option of FM19/20. Why do SI seem to enjoy restricting players so much by reducing their choice in how they play and see data? If people want to play with the way it's currently set up... let them. They could've done that with the old widget system! Bring back a list of players in the middle with match ratings so it's easy to read, widgets on the outside which are customisable (some people actually enjoy being able to see the whole league table/scores/player ratings without scrolling the side bar up and down 10 times a game every time they reset and feel involved and immersed in the league and up to date) and bring back the last 5 minute possession bar so you can ascertain the swing of the game. Also - whats the point in having a league table in the match UI that doesn't display GD??? Last year the UI got slated so heavily. I think SI took it as ''it's a change, people will get used to it''. The only thing people have gotten used to is how shoddy and awful it is. Please hold your hands up, take on the feedback and make progressive changes. Give people back the choice to customise the game screen how they wish. Team talks? Rather be able to see my players in a list from 1-15 without spending 10 seconds finding my central midfielder in the right hand corner of the ''dressing room'' next to my goalkeeper in the top right corner. All the UI changes from last year just added more clicks, more scrolls and more effort to be able to get the information we previously got from a glance. Awful.
  2. I wonder if goalkeepers will actually give away fouls and penalties (and potentially red cards/injs) or if for another year we have to close out eyes and pretend this doesn't happen in real life. (I'd guess if a team gives away 12 penalties in a season at least 2 would be keepers coming out). You could play a whole season with 12 named subs allowed on the bench and there's still be no point naming a substitute keeper with the above missing from the game since forever. Lets not even get me started on the omission of player brawls/square ups being a missing part and excludes the user from the immersion in matches. (Legal reasons - just use the newgens??)
  3. Absolutley! I think I meant the transfer market from a human perspective to identify targets via the stats. Nothing like scouring a leagues top goalscorer tables
  4. So, question time! In your usual game set-up, do you normally run any other leagues in full-detail? Or do you just run the active league you're in like it does by default? I often play with adding as many leagues as possible in full detail to make it more ''even'', have a better transfer market, to see the league table being based on players and performance rather than reputation and CA and easier to make a more informed decision on signings. For example, a top scorer in a league on the quick sim engine may bag 14/15 goals, but on full detail it could easily be 28. (quite often why if you join a struggling team part way through a season, your striker with 3 goals in 25 games suddenly starts hitting 5 in 5!)
  5. As someone who has probably spent more time testing and saving and testing again hundreds of different scenarios against different variables to check for bugs, do QA and check the long-term state of the game world than I have playing it (which is a lot) I really hope for the below. I just really hope that they manage to retain the good features from FM21 such as: - Players actually being able to have seasons like Ronaldo scoring over a goal per game at varying levels and divisions. It's rare, but it's now possible compared to previous editions. - As with above the odd random newgen banging them in at a non-league level getting poached by a CH/L1/L2 club. - ME really happy with it this year. And this is coming from someone who has really disliked each one since FM13. You get more variety this year compared to previous in play, and can see your tactical changes taking effect, I think a lot if down to the split second splicing and players being able to change their minds. I still stand by my opinion that FM13 was great because players had personallity and you could tell who was on the ball without even seeing their names and the odd mad run. But I have really enjoyed the ME this year. (I still think a huge issue in recent years has been the animations. The animations do not represent visually what the ME is trying to do. This wasn't an issue when there were less animations and using the previous ME software, sure players glided a bit but it was similar to 2D where you got to use your imagination and you were able to. With all the poorly represented animations nowadays you feel yourself having to ''pretend'' you didn't just see that player hit it with the wrong foot/do a crazy turn/let someone run past etc and THEN having to ''imagine'' he did something else or something else occured. So 2D often prevails. and fix some of the bad things such as: - Human manager rep. Absolutely ridiculous this year. Too easy. For example, if you were managing say Bradford Park Avenue and finished bottom of the conference north... you'd be sacked and the media would be asking you about the Benfica job. Not a problem right as it's just media. However, the longer you stay unemployed the crazier the unrealistic offers come in. After about 6 months you will start to be asked to interview by L1/L2 clubs... On top of this a huge factor is coaching badges which has been overpowered and bugged. With the above scenario, if you manage to get a couple of coaching badges in (or even one) you've suddenly got Championship and L1 clubs coming in for you after you've just finished 24th in the Conference North. You can have the worlds worst record, or next to no record, but if you have a coaching badge or spend a decent time unemployed you will get jobs you shouldn't. Not just by a little degree, by a lot. - Constant board takeovers not happening. It's all of the social feed. - The simple stuff like when finishing 1st in the relegation phase of the Danish Superliga, the media will congratulate you on winning the title and act as if you've won the superliga... - For the love of god, get rid of the new match UI. It is so unfriendly and makes it incredibly hard to get data from and ascertain what is happening in the match unless you watch it on full. The possession bar for the last 5 minutes is a must as well as the moveable widgets and players listed in the centre with ratings for them. Just go back to what is was on FM20. It is so so so hard to get a feel of the match and how players are doing/which direction it's going in as the presentation is awful. Do not even get me started on the dressing room screens with players dotted everywhere with the tiniest ratings. If we wanted luxury graphics we'd get a ps5 and fifa. We love FM for it's detail, it's data and for the fact it is a spreadsheet game. Why plague that with unfriendly UI that looks like it's been bought from the mystery box at Jack Fultons for £1? Give us the lists of players back and match stats. The match day experience has no immersion. - As above, please fix all the reported bugs in stats. The game revolves around stats, it's the whole point. - Leg breaks etc are far too rare. Up the injury rate, it's a simulation not a game as SI often point out a lot to people. So stop running at 60% ofreal life injuries and stop caring for the people who complain about injury crisis and rage quit cos they can't handle it. It's part of the game, it's part of life. Accept the challenge. The dynamic of all the different things that can happen in FM is what makes it so great and gives it longevity. - Stop making it too easy for teams to get money. We need to see more Stockports, Boltons etc. Teams should be allowed to freefall after entering administration. It's an exciting challenge. After 10/15 years finances, wages and values become incredibly bloated. Daveincd's mods for realism have worked wonders for me and others, get him hired - Add the ability to see goalscorers and attendances on the league results page rather than just the score so we can be more informed about the league rather than having to click on each game. We used to have the option of a simple view or detailed? I know it doesn't sound like it, but I have really enjoyed this years edition. But I always get nervous ahead of the new releases... Bring the when is the beta thread out, on!
  6. Hi @pr0 Great work. I think i have found a problem however. For files such as your danish league, ukranian, turkish etc even 5/6 seasons into simulation they are still 5 subs allowed from 10 named with a max of 3 stoppages. Shouldn't this be set to 3 from 5/7 depending on the league, or at least from the second season in? Or have they adopted this rule going forward even past last seasons covid reasons?
  7. Hi Pro, Why does it say unplayable/new files? are these leagues unplayable if not choosing the add ons for the league format but using all other files?
  8. I hope there;s updates on the way
  9. Hey Dave - amazing work as always. Enjoying playing with it. Just a quick question - with the way finances work in your files is there still the potential to see big teams ''fall'' and a fair few teams go into admin and have points deductions? For a long term game I really enjoy seeing these happen occasionally for the chance to take over a Sunderland, Bolton etc a falling giant if you like. I know majestic's file seemed to have some on, I've only holidayed a few years on here! I know it happens every now and again on the vanilla version (but not as often as I think it should) and just want to make sure the way the finance files are done, it doesn't work in ''favour'' of the big clubs/teams not getting into financial difficulty and seeing teams parachute down the leagues.
  10. Do co-efficents still change in the game? So for example a league could gain an extra CL place? Just want to make sure it's not perm fixed.
  11. Hi, Has anyone tried a B team save this year? I've only tried one briefly and seen a few posts regarding people getting sacked for not giving minutes to unselected first team players, despite first team players not being eligible for the B team in spanish leagues due to the registration. Is it still heavily bugged/not working this year, or has anyone had any joy in a save?
  12. Hi, First off, amazing work I'm just wanting to use this down to Level 9 as I wouldn't be interested in playing any lower. I'm aware I can just keep Level 9 and upwards active and loaded and have the others off, however my concern is would just having the option to turn more on leave the game a bit bloated and possible running slower? In the past I've always created to Level 9, then just put a load of teams in the division below in an inactive division with promotion places to keep a good spread of teams
  13. No worries, just to confirm is that tomorrow at 23:59 (so pretty much Monday) or tonight at 23:59?
  14. Just found this as wanting to update for the upcoming season! Would this conflict with any of majesticeternitys work? I use a lot of his realism mods
  15. Is it true that AI teams can't reject a loan deal they've already accepted? Etc if the player is already at that club? Would explain why I'm able to loan a plaster for 4-5 years in a row season upon season...
  16. One of the worst for me! FM13 (by absolute miles), FM21 then FM12 in my book. On FM13 players played with personality and quirks. - I had odd players who would dance with the ball and love a mazy central run. And you'd see their thinking process. Newgen players who became renowned for their last ditch tackles. Strikers who loved sliding in at the near post to connect to a ball. Strikers who would pummel the ball ahead of them to run onto, others with really short delicate touches. Found it a lot easier to appreciate defending too with diving headers, decisive interceptions etc. On top of that? A match engine with reduced animations. Nowadays the animations are so many and often so poor I find myself having to play on 2D so i can imagine the fiddly animations myself instead. Which is part of the fun. Worst? FM20, FM17, FM18 Just for me anyway
  17. Ooooh. Well the latter idea sounds even better to me and I'm sure countless others in here Nesslequist (potentially) continues! Reading this inspired me to play with a Scandinavian side (to start with) in a journeyman myself. 3 seasons in with Thisted at Denmark I am loving it!
  18. I get that, but surely as the meaning of the phrase is to receive a big beating, then it is FOR the club who lost? So six of the best for Club A would suggest the score was against Club A? So if Club A wins 6-0 against B. Then the headline should read ''Six of the best for Club B'' - Not A
  19. Hello, Please can someone explain how this headline makes sense? As seen as six of the best is traditionally a beating. Surely is Club A beats Club B 6-0, the headline should read ''Six of the best for CLUB B'' rather than CLUB A? The only reason for this is to settle a debate. For me it makes perfect sense using the reasoning - If I were a teacher and were in the staff room I would say I gave ''six of the best'' to student A today. It's me giving it. Therefore its six of the best FOR me. They can't see this at all however
  20. Hi @SixPointer, loved reading this. Would it be possible for you to go on holiday and sim 5-10 seasons without you as manager? Would be really interested to see how the AI tackles your departure, the direction they go in and if they make the most of the legacy your manager left behind!
  21. Will do. Doing a report now. All aspects of my game seem to be experiencing lag since the update all very visible too. From clicking on player profiles, right through to the ME being very laggy. Was perfect last night!
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