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  1. Thanks YNWALFC, this is the kind of answer i was looking for. One more question: is it possible to gain rivalry with other clubs during the game? Can new rivals appear at the clubs info page?
  2. I did the best signing a few moments ago, excelent defender for the BSN standards. but guess what.. he got injured 3 months just before the start of my first season.
  3. Guys, when do you think is the right time to try to negotiate full time contracts with the players and staff?
  4. I must say I've done something like this back in fm07. Took Blyth Spartans from BSN and advanced all the way to the Premier league. Ok.. so here goes nothing (hope i can still participate in the challenge) I've just took control of Oxford City (1000), basically because i like the name Personal Great expectations! I'll most likely use a parent club, though, at least for the first 2 seasons. :o
  5. Hello. Is there anywhere I can find the kits for the teams listed by defuge in the first post?:o
  6. Hello i have 2 problems: 1. After I've installed the 9.3.0 patch I want to activate the game by phone but I only have one option: online activation, without phone activation. 2. When i try to uninstall the game it gives the following error (and not only on my machine but on several of my friends): "Could not find java virtual machine to load. You may need to reinstall a supported java virtual machine". I've updated to the latest java software but I still get the same error.