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  1. I dont understand how Fellaini gets in ahead of Dembele. Manager wanted sacking for that alone.
  2. What a header. Wales going through. Well done them.
  3. Lewington and Neville going too. Good, whole lot of them need to go.
  4. He should have gone 2 years ago. A joke that he has been allowed to replicate another clueless tournament. Why do the press keep saying what a nice man he is. He might be but we knew he wasnt good enough before he took over but sadly he has been poorer than we even imagined.
  5. Wales top our group and now in the Quarters. Us facing 4 of the easiest teams in the tournament and 1 win and going home.
  6. Roy needs to resign immediately, beyond a joke. Rashford came on and looked lively in 5 minutes, everyone knew he needed to come on long before he did. Roy froze, he panicked and he put his head in his hands as he didnt know how to change it.
  7. Rashford coming on 10 mins after he was ready. Roy a complete joke. Awful manager who just hasnt had a clue how to change it. Rooney off. How will we play now with 4 strikers on?
  8. How many times has Rooney lost the ball tonight?
  9. Why is he still on free kicks? Rooney takes them for Man Utd ffs and they are a lot better than Kanes
  10. Sterling off for Vardy? I think Sterling has been poor but thats better than Kane and Sturridge.
  11. Nope. Just a poor midfielder. Only the English press and ex players think he is good there. He isnt.
  12. There is a reason Roy is out of contract after this tournament and despite the multiple vacancies this summer he hasn't been linked with one club. He just isnt good enough. We had the failed spell at Liverpool, the poor first tournament, the absolute joke of a second. Poor manager and supposedly the highest paid one at this tournament.
  13. We are moving the ball so slowly. Everyone is taking a touch and holding the ball before moving it on. Its poor. Get Rashford on, we need youth, energy. Someone who will run at them and can link play as well.
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