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  1. Used to follow your efforts with this on FM19 and was hoping it would make a release. Looks stunning for this year as well and hope for a release soon Personally love the teal and think it's part of the big appeal of this one.
  2. Thanks, but I can see every other bg except this one for some reason
  3. Good job on the skin! Could you help me locate the file for the purple/pinkish background included in the backgrund selector? Cant find it in the graphichs/backgrounds folder or inside the yacs one? Appreciate it, thanks.
  4. Yes, many times + cleared cache. The only guides/instructions I can find only quote the above code but nothing happens for me. So far I am able to change a skin from attributes to --> attributes with boxes as backgorund but all of them turn out the same with blue backgrounds and not being able to change color.. So the game do recognises that the skin has been changed but so far no luck regarding just the colors. Any ideas?
  5. Not sure where to ask so I guess here is as good as any, but I can´t for the life of me change the background color of the attribute when using boxes. I figured it was done in the skin settings xml as below, <!-- profile attribute colours --> <colour name="low attribute" red="245" green="245" blue="245" alpha="100"/> <colour name="normal attribute" red="245" green="245" blue="245" alpha="255"/> <colour name="good attribute" red="45" green="140" blue="235" alpha="140"/> <colour name="excellent attribute" red="45" green="140" blue="235" /&g
  6. Any chance you will release this @Wozzie or maybe send me a DM containing the skin? Must say in all years playing CM/FM this is one of the absolute slickest looking ones I´ve seen - stunning work! Simplistic yet elegant.
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