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  1. Can anyone put the tactic in english please because i’m playing FM Touch in iPad? With player instructions please. Thanks
  2. Anyone can upload the tactic with another link? I can´t download with this link. Thanks
  3. Do you select any player to the target man list or playmaker list?
  4. gareth250480 send the tactic to me please. The link don´t work Thanks
  5. What´s the best position for and Hulk and Falcao? And what you use to match preparation?
  6. What match preparation we have to use with the unbeaten tactic?
  7. mr hough The classic tactic have any shouts? Thanks
  8. mr hough This post is a mess. 1 million of tactics. So I ask you for saying what is the best. Thanks
  9. Thanks but i ask de the version of the rotfleo.
  10. A tactic that no need shouts,opposition instructions,line instructions,etc...
  11. Mr Hough´s Can you put this tactic with the corner cheat, please? Thank you so much
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