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  1. In this situation there's not much you can do besides keep asking for it. Eventually the board will agree, be it next season or in 10 seasons - it's difficult to say. Seems like it all comes down to your fanbase and how many wants to go to your matches.
  2. I experienced something similar. I didn't get any message about it being cancelled, but the progress bar with planning dissappeared for a couple of years, making me believe something was not what it should be. The board gave me the same message when trying to ask for a new stadium. Now the stadium is under construction. Turns out the only thing that was wrong was the status bar dissapearing.
  3. I'll chime in with my support for tapatalk as well
  4. Did you get a message it's being buildt the second time? Or that it was cancelled? I had a new stadium decided by the board, but the progess bar was gone during the entire planning phase. You sure that something similar didn't happen to you?
  5. Quite interesting thanks for the "experiment"!
  6. I would guess Malaysia, Singapore or something around in that region. It's pretty crazy numbers for a L1 club though never seen it happen before, but I think it's pretty cool that it can!
  7. As far as I know positioning is an indication of the players ability to position himself when playing defense. I would think off the ball would be more appropriate, but it's just speculation from my side. I have the same problem myself with a striker getting caught offside too much. I taught him the PPM Likes to beat the offside trap, but it doesn't seem to help much.
  8. You can sign anyone without a current contract. There is no such thing as "limited free agent" or something like that in european football. If you want to sign someone on a contract with another club you have to reach an agreement with their current club however. It is possible to filter out players without contracts using the player search function. You can also see whos contract will expire in 1,3, and 6 months if you want to start planning ahead.
  9. I've never managed in Norway. Too small of a country combined with low quality and a season setup that's not in sync with the rest of Europe puts me off. Usually I end up managing in England.
  10. If you make a lot of money sometimes the board decides to clear it. Usually it's just paid off in the normal way through monthly payments.
  11. I was simply trying to illustrate that I believe that any exceptions from the age rules are not due to norwegian laws/regulations by stating the rules here in Norway. What SI does is entirely up to them and I don't have an opinion on that, the rules of sports in Norway or other places that I would like to discuss in this forum. Sorry if my statements led to a political discussion. Wasn't my intent.
  12. Never thought about this either. Would be nice to know the answer
  13. From the Norwegian Sports Associations home page, "Regulations for child sports" (http://www.idrett.no/tema/barneidrett/bestemmelserogrettigheter/barnebestemmelser/Sider/default.aspx) - run quickly through google translate: "Children's sports are sports activities for children up to and including the year they turn 12." "From the child reaches the age of 11 use result lists, tables and rankings in competitions, if appropriate" "All children will receive the prize in a sporting event where prizes are a part of the competition"
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