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  1. whenever a player goes near 18 yard box to shoot game freezes for 10 to 20 seconds( like its lagging on fifa) if a goal is scored the replay is fine just everything before aany ideas ??
  2. working fine for me since my changes finished 2nd in prem won fa cup ...... highlights of season stuffing man u 6-0
  3. ive added keep possession just beat arsenal away 5-0 man u at home 6-0 on fire at mo (leeds fourth season) negrado(1mil bargain) 25 goals 10 games left 6pts of top 3rd place and fa cup semi to come
  4. ive changed the DLF to AF and the lef tIF took go wide off won 9 on trot since couldn't score before but 29 for 6 against in 9 games seems to be going fine now
  5. think ive brought rugby manager not fm 60million striker blast 20 yards wide or 50 yards over BUT was nearly a wonder goal ...striker through one on one either passes 40 yards back to full back taps tamely at goal keeper or defence gets back and plays ping pong in the box ....yet the AI team wonder goal after wonder goal....watched a full game 4 yellow cards 1 pen for what player falling over ?? yet AI does the same to my players nothing games a joke is it worth playing anymore knowing you tactic you make will make you out play the other team time and time again but AI will win through a pen a
  6. switched to rainmaker and now carnt score give to many pens or its fm you going on a run to get sacked lol
  7. not a good tactic when fm decides you not scoreing and gives oppo team last minute pens or free kick winners in 7 games on trot lol
  8. yes it is annoying and ruins the game club turns down your higher bid for lower bid same as player not signing for your 30k a week but goes to lower club for 5 k a week should be sorted out ruining the game
  9. 25 mil tops shaw 20 mil tops in real life but this is just a game ive just brought negrado 1.5 mill and podloski for 200k would they cost that in real life??? is a game but transfers are over the top and shaw as just gone to man city for 14 .5 mill in my game my 20 mil wasn't good enough then lol
  10. yes I get that offer 10 they want 30 meet in the middle but the amounts they want stupid ... but why do they think you will sell your star player for less than his value
  11. strugleing a bit carnt seem to buy anyone unless I have 50 million to spend on 1 player ... luke shaw value 4 mil offer 20 mil they want 55 mill plus sell-on barkley 7mill offer 25 mill want 45 plus 15 mill add ons a regen 600k!!!!!!! offer 7.5 mill they want 45 mill ...... but every team who wants one of your good players offer lower than your players value everytime !!!! same old fm
  12. doing ok with silk and steel won championship now sitting 4th in prem with leeds but ive hit the fm your not scoreing for a few months syndrome
  13. know how you feel bud had 1 hour gameplay this year just carnt get in to it my love affair with the game is over least si have made the mrs happy this year
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