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  1. Hello Sports Interactive . My question is will football manager touch work on the new Nintendo Switch Lite console released today? If it does what differences in terms of performance are there between original Nintendo Switch and new lite version of the console . Also any other relevant information great fully received . I look forward to hearing from you, yours Farhan
  2. Hello sports interactive my question is will Football manager touch 2019 for Nintendo switch be download or game card? futhermore what about memory requirements and tech specs etc? Yours Farhan
  3. Hello I have question on staff How many staff can you have in the switch version ? I have played PS Vita version and you have 1 assistant manager, 1 youth coach and director of football . So many staff members can you have on the switch version? In particular number coaches ? I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Farhan
  4. Hello I have another question on the Nintendo switch version how would you in the search box type in name of palyer or staff etc? As in search for all palyer like Everton in the palyer search screen /box? As there is no keyboard ? yours Farhan
  5. Hello has anyone played the Playstastion Vita Football manager classic 2014 and Nintendo Switch football manager touch? As I am wondering what the speed differences is between the two games and any other differences in terms actual game play. Such as search speed when finding players rated at certain level of stars, as I have noticed on the PS Vita when I search for players set a high star rating I click on player to see if the scout says he interested and when go back to search it takes time is it faster on Nintendo . Also game loading times as well.. futhermore any other differences in the games . Yours Farhan
  6. Hello My question is what is actually database size for football manager on Nintendo switch ? how many total players ,staff in the game ? When you choose 1 country or 2 or three counties , what are the differences in database size. Yours Farhan
  7. Hello My question is will Football manager be out for Nintendo Switch? I have noticed Nintendo have realised a new console and it could candidate for a version of Football mamanger . As there is a loyal Nintendo . yours Farhan
  8. Hello football manager my question is I have a ps vita and play football manager 2014 is it possible to start a game in football manager 2016 or the new 2017 in classic mode and then copy the saved game to a PlayStation vita? i look forward to hearing from you? yours Farhan
  9. Hello My question is will there be football manager 2016 for PS VITA? I have played the 2014 version of the game and have enjoyed the game and I was looking forward to 2015 game but it did not appear. Also if I get a steam console will i able to football manager 2016 on the console. Yours Farhan
  10. Hello. I have ps vita version of football manager. I think if there was multiple shortlists which you could save. So that you could have a list of strikers or goalkeepers, etc. Also shortlist staff so I keep a list of scouts or physios. I would also like customers formations. As if I want to have no central players just full backs, wing backs, wide midfielders, wingers,and wide strikers, you cannot do it on the part vita. Or if you want 3 atacking midfielders, 1 striker you can't do it. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Farhan
  11. Hello my first is question how can you save multiple shortlists so you can use them in different games. If I scout Brazilian footballers as vasco da gama, how can I save the shortlist so that when I am barnet manager I can use the list of Brazilian players, as Barnet cannot scout Brazil. Also how can you search second nationality as when I choose England up to conference premier and Brazil & Argentina, if i search as boca juniors Nationality as Argentina and then add EU as nationality too !I get no players to shortlist. Why is this? I look forward to hearing from you on this. Yours Farhan
  12. Hello I have some Idea's. Why cant you see previous wages when talking to free agent players so you can decide if it work making an offer or not, you can see existing contracts on players who going to become a free agent when offering a contract. However unemployed players you cannot see the info. also why cant you make player get a passport. I have seen over the years a number of player who could have an EU passport but don't fro some reason. I have bought players who could have a UK passport if they moved UK. Once the player has joined my team they get a UK passport. However if a player can qualify for an EU passport which not UK you cannot make them get one. In real life you could ask a player can you qualify for an EU passport if they can then they can one. So if a player can qualify for an Italian passport but does not have one, you could ask the player to get one. Furthermore Why cant short-list Staff so you can keep a list of staff you may want to sign i.e list of physio's or scouts. As each time you look for different staff scouts or coaches the list changes and you cannot remember names if it six months later the board let you have more space in your team for staff. Yours Farhan
  13. Hello Sports Interactive, my question is about Edgar Davids, why is he not included in the game as a Barnet Player. I thought he would been added in the updates. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Farhan
  14. Hello sports interactive. My question is how the Barnet situation as regards manager will be resolved in the new game. As Edgar Davids is now joint manager at Barnet. I remember when Charlton had 2 managers in 90’s that Championship Manager made 1 an assistant and the other manager. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Farhan
  15. My Idea for the next version of game is why not shortlist staff so that you can keep a list of physiotherapist you might want to hire, or keep a list of coaches or scouts you many want to hire, so you do not need to use external method such as pen and paper or a word processor to store and search again. Also, as I thought for this version why not synchronise the assignments for the coaches between the first team and youth so you do not have to assign the coach twice. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Farhan
  16. Hello I would like to see ability to search players history so you then look up all the player were played for Rangers or Everton. I would also like to have the ability to international teams against club sides as Pakistan V Bury 00/01 and Pakistan V Coventry City the same year. Further more what about goal celebrations when you score like Tim Cahill boxes the corner flage after goals etc. Bring back the compalints about ref after matches. yours Farhan(london)
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