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  1. Hello Sports Interactive . My question is will football manager touch work on the new Nintendo Switch Lite console released today? If it does what differences in terms of performance are there between original Nintendo Switch and new lite version of the console . Also any other relevant information great fully received . I look forward to hearing from you, yours Farhan
  2. Hello sports interactive my question is will Football manager touch 2019 for Nintendo switch be download or game card? futhermore what about memory requirements and tech specs etc? Yours Farhan
  3. Hello I have question on staff How many staff can you have in the switch version ? I have played PS Vita version and you have 1 assistant manager, 1 youth coach and director of football . So many staff members can you have on the switch version? In particular number coaches ? I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Farhan
  4. Hello I have another question on the Nintendo switch version how would you in the search box type in name of palyer or staff etc? As in search for all palyer like Everton in the palyer search screen /box? As there is no keyboard ? yours Farhan
  5. Hello has anyone played the Playstastion Vita Football manager classic 2014 and Nintendo Switch football manager touch? As I am wondering what the speed differences is between the two games and any other differences in terms actual game play. Such as search speed when finding players rated at certain level of stars, as I have noticed on the PS Vita when I search for players set a high star rating I click on player to see if the scout says he interested and when go back to search it takes time is it faster on Nintendo . Also game loading times as we
  6. Hello My question is what is actually database size for football manager on Nintendo switch ? how many total players ,staff in the game ? When you choose 1 country or 2 or three counties , what are the differences in database size. Yours Farhan
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