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  1. I would love to see this to however at this moment I think it's very unlikely but we can all dream (like AJAX winning champions league)
  2. I get allmost no feed back and i have a ass man with 20 in tactical knowledg
  3. Scouts Mentality and Style Like every staff member, scouts have preferred playing Mentalities, Pressing, Playing, Coaching and Marking Styles, and a preferred formation. Do these affect the type of player they might recommend or their match reports? For example, I found an incredible scout for my team...I'm non-league in England and have a scout ready to sign with JPA 17 and JPP 16, Determination 16 and Tactical Knowledge 11 (compared to 4, 5, 2 and 2 for my current man). His mentality however is very cautious and his passing style Direct, which doesn't work with my preferred quick, short passing attack. Will he find players that suit my style or his preferred options? Thanks found this on fmscout forums there was no reply. I like to know this to ? many thanks
  4. I really do like some of the new features that have been announced however I'm hoping that assistant feedback is a lot more detail as I have really struggle with tactics over the last two years or so and finding is very frustrating to find out where I am going wrong or right with my tactics I believe a lot of other players having the same issues and I was really hoping there will be more focus on this specially with the introduction of the tactics creator will have to wait and see I guess.
  5. Often when clubs are bidding for my players I tend to check the clubs financial position to see what they realistically can afford , after that I start negotiating a higher fee in monthly instalments and make sure it is public It's pulling and pushing the negotiation often at the end they cannot agree on the day but then I submit my counter offer officially and I seem to be quite successful in getting it except,
  6. lance101 This is very interesting stuff have you tested some more positions/speciality role? keep up the good work
  7. hi no I don't use ois atm , lots of the goals start from wing play crossing my def, are just not clearing when the ball is in the box also couple of true balls from the wing,
  8. hi all I got inspired by Mr Hough's Shout Combo It's The Future Thread So I decided to give it a go with my beloved ajax side the first half of the season was excellent. We seem to be playing like Barcelona keep the ball a lot passing very smoothly through the opponent's defence and most importantly winning games we were cruising towards becoming champions. However, after the winter break everything seems to go wrong we were simply unable to defend I was hoping you guys can give me some advice for my next season . my team setup [/url my back 4 report Any advice is appreciated either tactically or suggesting different type of defenders?
  9. I could take anything out of FMC into the full game it will be match strategies , I believe it makes a game more complete and let me explain to you why In real life managers would have match strategies he would not simply go let's just change our tactics by clicking here or there , here is a preset plan, of course there are always unusual circumstances and things will have to change completely which was not the original strategy plan however, I like the idea personally setting a strategy from the start for the whole game and then see it I in action and change if need to be. I do believe this future should be included into the main game I was wondering how you guys feel about it?
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