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  1. January 2023. Rashford is suddenly forcing a move to Barcelona, while we've been successful both domestically & in Europe. At the same time Greenwood is suddenly seriously tempted by Real Madrid, and both seem set to leave. Of course everything can happen, but in this case we're talking about two through-and-through players of the club. The club being largely successful. And their acquirers being more or less in a turmoil. If it's only me seeing something wrong here, fine. I'll get my coat.
  2. Pogba finally did it, and agreed a free transfer move to Real Madrid. The thing is, media's been up my arse the whole spring of 2022 asking how he's unsettled and if I still see a future for him, "questioning he's future at the club". And when I'm still randomly playing him, and if there's some things to be deduced based on him playing, like there actually was some kind of option of him still extending his to-be-finished contract. I would expect this to be quite an usual scenario, and thus haven't uploaded anything yet. If needed, is there any specific timing from where to provide a
  3. Looking into the possibility of buying Ndidi. Except that he cannot be registered until January. The game date is 5th of July 2021. Doesn't make any sense? Edit: Found this topic now c
  4. I do have a save game from before the match, but obviously the issue appeared only during post-match press conference. Do you still want it though?
  5. I think the attached picture says it all. Anyway the press is asking why am I using Matic as a ball-winning midfielder instead of Bruno Fernandes?
  6. Don't know if it makes any real difference here, but thought to mention as it's something different from an average John Doe's save game. I'm managing two clubs as playing as two different managers - the problem has only ever occured to me with the latter of the two profiles heading to the recruitment meeting.
  7. Don't know if you meant me or rblanchflower here (or possibly both) but answering for my part, I'm not using any custom logos, facepacks, or any other custom "DLC's".
  8. FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.13 14.11.33).dmpAttached is the dump file from my save. Crashes exactly upon entering recruitment meeting, as described by OP.
  9. Not sure if this is the correct category to log this. But anyway, Pre-match tactical advice is suggesting a change in formation to "allow us to properly utilise Hannes Wolf." The player is loaned out and not in the club currently.
  10. Why's the mindset of "beta" what it currently is? Each year it seems that a huge amount of time is spent on polishing the so called "beta release" and the sentence It's ready when it's ready gets repeated over and over. And then the "retail release" with a fixed date eventually arrives with most of the crowd already busy in their save games. If the real retail is ready when it's ready then how come the "retail date" has never been changed (case Cyberpunk). What I would like to see is something similar to what Larian Studios did with Baldur's Gate 3. If you call it "early access" or "
  11. The whole concept of "releasing beta" is just a way to avoid setting exact date, plus grants you an unquestionable answer to each and every game-breaking bug report. "It's just a beta". This year is no different, except the cosmetic "real release" date hasn't been given out.
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