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  1. Experienced the same with Man Utd & Erling Haaland. Currently uploading Loan_signing_haaland.fm The news item pops up after the next match against Watford, assuming Haaland scores.
  2. The whole concept of "releasing beta" is just a way to avoid setting exact date, plus grants you an unquestionable answer to each and every game-breaking bug report. "It's just a beta". This year is no different, except the cosmetic "real release" date hasn't been given out.
  3. For some of the seasons, I've managed to stay relatively injury-free, while also rotating the squad smartly. For a few seasons though I've been in serious trouble with constant 7-8 first team players being out injured, even with that squad rotation. So yeah, I haven't noticed any change in this, it's just about luck and is relatively realistic in the long run, even if you sometimes feel the game hates you.
  4. It's summer of 2023, and I had a testimonial for Hazard lately. There were some ex-Chelsea players involved, including Alvaro Morata who played for me for a couple of years, before I shipped him on to Man Utd. As all of you probably know, you'll get total control of the players who're participating for the testimonial. Morata got a knock after around 12minutes of play. But since I'm having a competitive match against Man Utd in a couple of days, I did let him stay on. Eventually leading to an injury of some weeks, and him being ruled out of that match. In real life, there would be a media ********* after me by now, but my FM world doesn't seem to care
  5. After struggling through major part of the season as Southampton, highly feared matchday against Man United comes. Magically with 88 minutes of play I'm still leading 0-1. Van Persie gets half-through... can't bear to watch... Boruc saves. Phew.... Keeper decides to throw the ball towards Shaw waiting at the byline, despite my instructions to kick the ball so far out as possible. Wait... what happends.... The throw is so poorly directed and slow that RVP manages to intervene to it mid-air and heads it straight in. -> :confused: Ok, guess a draw could be considered a decent result as well. I pull back everyone, telling them to plug the gaps and sit deep. Valencia crosses the ball, but it's way too long for Rooney/RVP to reach. Fonte can take it into possession easily and kick it out as he's not under pressure. WHAAAAAAAAAAAT.... Fonte heads the ball straight home instead of clearing it.... "Honey, could you bring me a beer.... maybe a whole box of those!?"
  6. I remember encountering something like this with Juan Sebastian Veron while he was still at Man Utd. Can't remember properly if it was for punching, but he did something after being sent off and was banned for an enormously long time.
  7. There's seems to be something fishy with the international results. World Cup 2014 top four: Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark. Ok, Belgium has some really good players coming in, but is that seriously going to take them to win the cup... Euros 2016 top four: WALES (yes, you read correct and they did beat Spain 3-0 in the quarter-finals!), Turkey, FINLAND (they have never even qualified to a major tournament irl), Croatia. Surely strange things happend in real-life international football as well (case-Greece in 2004), but only 1/8 of those top four teams is one you would actually expect to be up there.
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