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  1. Pellegrini, you can get him pretty cheap after the 1st season. For some reason, Roma don't value him very highly. I made a fluke offer of 6m, thinking it was a good stating amount to negotiate, since he was valued at 4 and wasn't listed for transfer or lown. The immediately accepted it and that was that. Couldn't believe I got him for 6. Probably could have gotten him cheaper, considering they instantly accepted 6.
  2. Just curious how you were able to sign in just 2 years (actually in 1) Barella, Kean, William, Tonali, Corbo, Wendel. Especially on Atalanta's budget and without selling the good prospects. Quite an achievement. You team looks more like an Ajax rather than an Atalanta.
  3. Another great looking croatian was Lovro Majer (AMC). Bought him for around 4m and his value jumped to 20m when he joined my Milan squad.
  4. I wouldn't unless i could maybe loan him with the option to buy. But I'm usually cheap and rather get youngsters for up to 15-20 at most. For regens, I check youth intakes every month. And within a year, you usually can shortlist 2-3 prospects for each position. You can't buy them right when they are generated, but they are a good option for low transfer fees for the next season. For example, Italy has their youth intake in march or april. You shortlist them and you can usually buy them in July. The most I payed for such a prospect was 6-7m.
  5. Barella was my best buy for Milan. And from Milan, i recommend Calabria.
  6. meaning? its going to be hell to deal with league games when all your players are away? Personally, I will be playing my youth teams, as all will probably be with their national teams.
  7. I've mentioned this as well just earlier. It was disappointing that Juve was completely mishandled by the AI. So go ahead with that thread. I'm all for it. And I'm a Milan fan...
  8. yeah, you are right on maldini. I finally found him as well as Director. So i'll take that as my bad. But i still don't see what are those gameplay purposes for a manager to be able to sack what is in fact, their direct boss.
  9. I've actually started the game with Milan twice now. Played for a season and half and decided to restart from scratch, as I didn't pay attention to staff and youth. Some transfers didn't really sit well with me. Anyways, the odd thing is that there were some strange similarities between these 2 saves, especially in the 1st season. So in both games the AI does a terrible job managing Juve. Found it odd that they ended 4th or 5th. In both saves I played them in Serie A and in the cup, so that's 4 games against them, plus the super cup. On both saves, I easily beat them back to back. I've had way more headaches with Torino, Sassuolo and Cagliari than with Juve. On both save games, before the season starts, Real comes in and hires Allegri, who in turn always gets replaced by Conte. Its ironic, since Real actually tried to get Allegri in real life, but he politely refused the job. Another strange similarity is that on both saves Liverpool comes and unsettles Suso with a crap offer, right before the season stars. They don't negotiate at all, Suso asks for transfer, won't listen to any interaction and again, on both saves Bayern comes in and gets him for 60m. This has happened exactly in the same way in both save games. One of the main reasons I decided to restart was to make sure Suso stays for the 1st year. So that didn't happen... Pretty much all it takes is for any team to look Suso's way and he's unsettled and wants out. Quite different from reality where he has a bit more loyalty towards the club, but I'll accept it... The strangest thing that actually happened to me was with Calhanoglu. During the second season, I noticed his Dynamics section saying "Feels time is running out on his manager's promise to assign him to take free kicks". That is after a season and half where he was top choice for all free kicks, left, right, deep, narrow, wide, direct, indirect. Couldn't figure out what else to do. Redid the whole tactics from scratch. He was taking all free kicks and he was still upset that I didn't asign them to him and eventually he said he lost faith in me and want to move to a club where he could trust the manager. I lost him because of this stupid issue. Was wondering if anyone else experienced this?
  10. Thanks for pointing that out. I did check the bugs section, but thought it was for gameplay bugs. Added my info on the appropriate thread. However, there's a mechanics issue as well, concerning the fact that any milan manager can sack Leonardo. This is highly inaccurate.
  11. Now, right off the bat, I know its probably hard to make every club's staff or board reflect reality, but in my experience with Milan, a few things were odd. First off, Leonardo is General Manager, when in reality he is Sporting Director. What makes it very odd is that as manager, I can sack him. Which is definitely not the case. Gattuso can't sack Leonardo. If anything, its definitely the other way around. The second one, which for me as a fan is even more disappointing, is that Maldini isn't even on the staff team. Again, I can understand that different teams have different structures, but since you already have staff that is in the game just of show (doctors, presidents, etc) whom you can't interact with, maybe this could have been handled better... On a side note, in game, Leonardo is an average scout, which is a great understatement of his abilities. I've since replaced him with Rui Costa, whose stats are much much beter...
  12. SI having to deal with Brexit is an unfair task, given that real life isn't any easier to predict. And thats an understatement. From what I've read about "The Deal" that May got with the EUauEU workers currently employed within the UK at the time of their departure from the EU would automatically get a working permit. I believe this would be a lot easier for footballers who have a limited, short period contract (3-5 years) rather than people who are on an undetermined contract. So in that sense, what SI could have done is simply grant WPs to players who were in the UK at the time of the switch... Now, considering that in real life, this deal has very little chance of passing parliament, this is where it actually goes to *****... So its back to SI having to deal with something no one knows how to deal with. Its not ideal, but...
  13. yeah, you can. In my game, Euro Champ was coming, so I just went to the competition page, then match fixtures, and you could click on the game you wanted and it said "Attend". Basically, I attended all games where I had players on.
  14. Yeah. Its this one striker that's really promising. He's been on light for weeks now. I think one way or another it will fix itself, as soon I will loan him out and think that's going to change it.
  15. Yeah, I agree with your approach towards moaners. But what I am trying to understand is if you focus on the moaners for a min, if the general training is on light load and his individual focus is on light load and he still is unhappy? I mean there's only one or two like this for whom all i can do is ignore them...
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