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  1. 20 appearances is not bad , hopefully my career will now kickstart!
  2. im just trying to upload one now , wont be long. Mines will be the tactics creator but ive tweaked it quite a bit , dont know if that qualifies as classic or creator?
  3. As wolves chairman i am happy to announce the club will be increasing capacity by 6000 seats.
  4. wolves will take am 1 ( jonothan da mendes caicenciao)
  5. extrememly pleased with winning the league! looks as though the clear out in summer worked perfectly! pretty weird that i only have one player in team of the year though! just goes to show how much of a genious mircea lucescu is !
  6. yup tell me when its my turn aswell please ! i will try be on as much as i can , although i have exams coming up !
  7. deliberately didnt put anyone on the do not sell list because we had money problems and after selling 82m worth and bringing in 18m worth it has clearly worked as we are top of the league
  8. hopefully i dont get snapped up by a big team
  9. injury prone... great!
  10. decent overall performance from wolves!
  11. Extremely dissapointed by league, fa cup results and transfer business , fairly dissapointed by league position. only positive is the europa league run. Fair to say that come the end of this season i will be looking for a new manager unless he pulls somethin outta the bag
  12. after fully recovering from the excruciating stubbed toe, surely jimmy will now be back in line to start the forthcoming fixtures
  13. still here!
  14. dont have alot of time just now to do this but i will hopefully start it up again in the next couple of weeks!
  15. 0 transfer budget please!