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  1. Managing in South America

    Argentinian league. Pick Newells Old Boys (former Tata Martino's team ) as a team.
  2. Theo Walcott to AC Milan

    Ummm, if that is managed like in other CMs/FMs versions I guess Walcott is in AC Milan/manager shortlist.
  3. Yeah, totally agree. Many times I thought about playing slow in defence and maybe the first meters of the centre half and from there start increasing the speed. Maybe you can do that via instructions to some players (direct passes, run with ball) but I guess it will not totally fullfil the play you are looking for to display in a field.
  4. How to achieve playing open when having the ball but getting narrower when the rival does?. We all know that this matter is almost basic in football, when you have the ball you should try to open spaces to have more chances of creating chances (if you are playing offensive football) and when you lose it you should try to shut all the ways the rival can find and that could be achieved by packing your players -simply put it-. But in FM the WIDTH slider is kinda one thing or the other, you cant instruct your team with "having the ball" instructions and "not having the ball" ones. Is there any way to create this via tactics or shouts?
  5. Nice reading. But one thing is really needed, like some of you already said...a proper guide from SI describing which means every option in the game, tactically speaking. Because you can read REAL football very well but sometimes you dont know how the game implement all those aspects. So, I dont want a guide telling me how should I play to win but explaining what things -CF, CD, Mentality, Phylosophies, etc.- are (and maybe interacts).
  6. So what would you do when marking a fast-technique striker? (opposite situation to the one with the tower with aerial power). Should I always leave him space and maybe instruct my players to tackle easy so they dont end in the grass?
  7. Since its implementation Im struggling against opps instructions. It is not that I dont get them at all, but always had doubts about them. * I dont see the difference between mark tight and closing down certain player, it is more or less the same, which is the difference the game does? * Another one, this is about interpretation (so if you tell me what the game understands I will be very happy =P)...if I face a tall striker with good aerial power but poor speed is it wise to mark him tight? (I mean to challenge him for the ball) or should I leave him be because he cant create danger when he has the ball on his feet? * Would you mark tight or close down the players you dont want to deliver crosses? I tell you Ive read many guides about tactics and all that, it is not that Im asking for being lazy.
  8. If your players are getting injured in training most than in matches I guess you should DECREASE the intensity of them. Try to keep it Normal, not Hard or worse than that.
  9. Nice advices. I implemented some of them in my team as Im in pre-season. Just one question, you Cleon mentioned that your team is in a training camp. Is that something I could ask to my Board or is it something that was offered to you?
  10. Im playing a save game in the Argentinian league with Newells, from Argentina. First 6 months I won the Championship, the second part of the year I struggled more, mainly because my players were tired because I was playing not just the tournament but Copa Libertadores too and my team doesnt have enouhg quality to replace all the main eleven with the same strenght. Well, I guess is because of that. This is my formation in case it is usefull: (with this I try to have the control of the ball, being a little bit wide to move the ball around and my players to generate gaps. Not playing too fast because I guess my players will fail more passes if I try that) But, appart from that I have some doubts, mainly tactical. These are the ones: (I guess they were already discussed here -and Ive read a lot from here-, but I cant search through that ammount of pages to look for something particular) * My AssMan advices during the game. Should I pay real attention to them?. Example, I play short passes, I like to have ball possession, and almost in every match he says to me that we are doing very well with the short passes and I should try more direct ones...WHY???, first, if Im doing well is BECAUSE Im playing short passes, that doesnt mean that if I change to direct they will perform in the same manner. Second, direct passes mean a better way of playing?, because he telling me that make think some like that. I dont get the point of that advice. Another, when he tells me to mark some player when Im ALREADY marking him via opp instructions...all those things make me doubt about ALL his advices. * Im always behind in Headers most of the games, I guess it is because I dont have a tall squad, so I try reducing that by pressing most rival's wide players so they send crosses without comfort but it seems thats not enough, what can I do to solve that? (I dont have a tall squad but my players are not midgets and they are not uncapable of jumping either). * This one I have it from FM2012 more or less...whats the difference (in Opp Instructions) between MARKING a player and CLOSING him DOWN? * I cant generate a good ammount of CCCs, do you recommend me an specific way of play to do so?, maybe playing narrower...or that doesnt exits in this FM?, I mean that there is no "recipe" of geting CCCs...and related to that is that my team strikes a lot from outside the area when my instructions about that is NOT TO do it (all the players have the long shots slider to the minimum, and just one of them have that PPM) I dont usually ask these kind of things but since FM 2012 -more or less- my "hunger" for the game decreased, because it became harder to play according to my style, more like a "job" than an enjoyable game. But now that Im playing with the team I support in real life and I like to recover that will and try to understand the game a little bit more. But some things dont "translate" from real football to FM the way I interpretate them and I guess thats why I may try changes in my tactics, my tranings, etc. but cant correct things. SO if you can help me I will really appreciate it.
  11. I play the game in spanish language, and so far all the menus seem right but at the beginning, when my chairman said welcome to me most of the dialogs were in english...
  12. I pre-ordered the game via steam, so when the beta is released I will be able to play it, but someone said that could have some bugs that the final version will fix, my question is the following: would steam download a patch or something to correct those beta bugs or I will have to download the final version as a whole? Thanks!
  13. Yeah, happened the same to me, but months ago. I used to enjoy FM despite certain -and necessary- difficult, but now it seems you gotta take ages "studying" your rivals and all that, OK it's a simulator but a game too, I cant spend 4 hours to play just a bunch of matches, I guess FM is not for me anymore. 100% agree!!! (I play since CM 99-00) And then you have the different visions...some say that they dont do conferences nor talk to players and win everything, others that they tweak every aspect of the game. Some say that they dont even use shouts and win with simple tactics not caring about the rivals, other makes too complex tactics and tweak every single player. That could mean that you can create your own way, but it offers too many options that in some point become annoying and make you lost. The best example is the tactic creator and the "old" one. I think SI must leave just ONE for FM 2013, but thats just my humble opinion.