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  1. Any Given Sunday Classic FM story line, Good team struggling and manager under pressure, then 4th choice guy comes along and saves the day , i love looking for the unknown gem or the reserve guy coming in and doing a good job,
  2. Do you have any rituals?

    phew, not just me then, the mrs often walks past with me writing out the notes and just shakes her head, she will never understand!
  3. Do you have any rituals?

    Is it just me or does anyone get a pen and notepad at the ready? I just find it easier taking notes on players, tactics and so-on. :confused:
  4. At the start of the game i.e first couple of seasons i rekon a 4. However after that a 2/3 as teams work out my tactics and i usually struggle to adapt.
  5. Hello S.I Forum

    Hi all, been reading the posts all day and thought id might as well get involved. been playing fm for a few years and well excited about tonite.