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  1. FM 11.3 Challenge - Saving Dundee!

    Okay im just going to do this anyway. Profile
  2. FM 11.3 Challenge - Saving Dundee!

    Is this still active? o.o
  3. FM11: Ultimate Gaffer

    Hope this is not regarded as cheating :/ Just started a new game and hired by Port Vale in Jan
  4. FM11: Ultimate Gaffer

    Damn it!!! You wouldn't mind me starting a new save would you?
  5. FM11: Ultimate Gaffer

    Hired by Chesterfield.
  6. FM11: Ultimate Gaffer

    Okay. I have resigned following a series of disgusting losses. Will put the picture up when I get another job
  7. FM11: Ultimate Gaffer

    Dang I hate Kovacs. Inconsistent fella.
  8. FM11: Ultimate Gaffer

    Transfers for 2011/12 season. Failed to go up the last season so currently still in league 2.
  9. FM11: Ultimate Gaffer

    Has anyone fully utilised Suffo yet? He sucks whenever I put him on.
  10. FM11: Ultimate Gaffer

    Can't believe I got knocked out of FA Cup by Blyth Spartans. I'm out of Johnstone Paint as well.
  11. Omg, it suddenly started working after 3 matches Thanks dude
  12. Somehow, this tactic is not working for me
  13. FM11: Ultimate Gaffer

    Nice, 111 goals (Y)
  14. FM11: Ultimate Gaffer

    How exactly do you load top club players?