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  1. Started a Leipzig save after reading this thread and loving it. Just starting 3rd season and have made it it to the top league. 1st season i got a couple decent free signings and played a 3142 and won the league fairly easily, 2nd season was tougher won it with 2 games to go and Mainz pushed me right to the end. 3rd season picked up some quality young players, some of teh bigger names wont come to me even if they are on a free. Its a fun and challenging save. 1st game of 3rd season away to Dortmund, and a scraped a 0-0, I have no idea how.....they were all over me 27 shots on goal to my 1. Start to the season has been good 3 draws a win so far and a win in first round of cup. I have a few leagues on the background. and near end of season 2 i was asked to interview for Watford, Fulham and Reading jobs. End of season 2 i was asked to interview for HSV and Arsenal.... which i thought was cool. Playing this and my Aberdeen save.
  2. Been trying this with Aberdeen in my 2nd season after I lost my wingers to injuries, and I haven't looked back. Only lost 2 games all season and I am mid December. Lost 1-0 away to spurs in Euro playoff round and away to Motherwell. Beat celtic 3-2 at home and 3-1 in the league cup. But best was a 6-0 away win at Dundee Utd. The poacher works well, the 2nd striker seems to be hit and miss, he scored 4 in one game in the Dundee Utd game then goes on a wee barren spell. But Overall I think it is a really good tactic
  3. i didnt know there was a limit to number of screenshots, i just linked from my photobucket account. Yeah some of the wages are quite steep but most of the guys i linked are 1st team. That was good about coming up through leagues, you could develop them a bit easier. Think my current highest wage is 12k, but i am sure that will go up.
  4. Ah i know what happened with the screens, i uploaded them to my photobucket, linked them and tehn stuck em in an album. Will sort it when i get home. Yeah i followed the thread while I was going though my game, just thought i'd post later into teh game when I got in champs league etc
  5. Howdy folks, just thought I would finally chip in on how I am doing on my Rangers save. Really enjoying this save, and that is really hard to say coming from an Aberdeen fan I have just started season 5, going through qualifying rounds for champions league, in play off and have beaten Rosenberg 4-0 away in 1st leg. I am a cheapskate, so most of my signings have been free's/end of contract/transfer list etc. I have picked up some great youth in my journey and will show some later. I play a 41221, it is a formation I have always preferred and was done me proud over the many years I have played this game. Roles and stuff have changed but it has been pretty settled for last 2 seasons. I have won all 4 divisions in 4 years, first back in SPL was won on last day of season, I was trailing Celtic by 3 points and I beat them at parkhead in 2nd last game of season. That seemed to shatter them as they lost to Hibs on last day and I beat Caley 3-0. I have 3 Challenge Cup wins and 2 Scottish Cup wins. 1st Season in SPL was also my first back in europe. Europa league (or euro cup whatever it is called), scraped through group stage against Napoli and Rubin. Got Arsenal after Xmas. Lost on penalties after agg 1-1. Tactic, after Rosenberg game 1st signing in Div 3 I think, pretty much been an ever present ever since Germany is a great place to pick up youth players, has been immense at RB Picked this guy up from Derry City for 130k while in Div2, has really progressed and is awesome in a CM s role. My first Brazilian, and most expensive signing at 1.2m A great prospect and really coming on Released from Bayern Munich in summer, will need a bit of work and a lot of games but has potential My youth academy hasn't been great yet, this guy is best to have come through so far I have a good bunch of youth from europe in reserves and out on loan, have a few experienced guys in as well. Faure and Gasporroto have just been immense, I am keeping an eye out for bargain replacements Best Bargain is probably Frimpong, from Arsenal. Got at start of first SPL season for a transfer of £0 from Arsenal. I also picked up Karlen Mkrtchyan from Metalurg on a free and is a good DM but can also be a great Box to Box guy. I robbed Cardiff of a few good players, Kadeem Harris is really good and consistent and Gestede is a good SPL striker. So my adventures continue, catch you lot soon. EDIT, champ league group - Man City, SLB and Dynamo Kyiv.
  6. Thought i would through my hat into the ring with a rangers save, looked a good fun save. I started with the latest patch so a few different players about to sign. I have used the formation i have tweaked form a 3 season save with Feyenoord and a season with Spurs, so a 41221 i have left wing as IF and right wing as W So transfers, IN Noel Makombo-Eboma - 14k (ST) Kevin Thomson - free (DM/MC Amine Linganzi - free (DC/DM/MC) Ben Gordon - free (LB) plus a couple of kids. FUTURE IN (17 yo) Leo Chambers (DC/R) from west ham 4 star pot Junior Morais (ST) Wycombe 3.5star pot Third Division Champions - unbeaten 102 points Challenge Cup - Winners League Cup - lose thrid round 1-0 to Celtic Scottish Cup - lost to St Mirren 3-1 in final ( beat Celtic 1-0 in semi) Wallace making noises about wanting to leave, the young players have been great, Mckay, Mcloed, Faure, especially. Tempelton was banging them in as well. Sandaza was going great until he got a 5 month injury, Kyle had a lot of injuries, and in last league game Mculloch out for 6 months. Yeah third division very easy, cup runs were entertaining. Close season is going to be frustrating up to last day will need to scout more youth, would like to try and line up a DC, GK at least for deadline day. So well see what happens, if anyone tries to buy my guys I could be in trouble
  7. This is my new formation for season 2, based on rashids informative posts and some other posts. Some of my weaknesses in season 1 was physical presence amd jumping/heading in defence, DM and up front. Players were brought in on free's, loans and some more youth from transfer list to give me that added dimension. I have pulled the more defensive of my midfield trio back in the DM position. i have made defensive wingbacks who overlap and cross and get back to help in defence. One of my wide players is now a winger. The passing style that rashid mentioned earlier I have continued because it worked well, as have the wingback through balls and wide player run from deep. I have changed striker to a CF so he leads the line and can get his head on crosses. This is my base formation, so far all i have changed in matches is the strategy and shouts. In general if you are winning and confidence is good team talks are a whole lot easier so that has helped as well. This has worked wonders for me. In December I am top of the league, unbeaten. In Euro cup i have one game left in group and am unbeaten. My reserves finished bottom of there group last season, currently they are first. This is no super tactic, it works well for me, I still concede, I still draw. Maybe it is just the right tactic for the dutch leagues and maybe 2nd tier in europe. Will be interesting to see how it fares in a stronger league, that will be my next challenge.
  8. I have put my fullbacks back on support, and have used more Oi setup before match starts. Fullbacks get 'weaker foot', wingers get 'always tight marking and closing down, and onto weaker foot. Strikers get weaker foot and closing down and the AMC as as well, other wise they will score and i try and see which MC will be more dangerous and put some OI on them. It may be too much but it seems to have stabilised the team, there does tend to be 2 or 3 players closing the ball player down near the penalty box, and rushing to next player who gets ball, but it quite often leads to them shooting from outside the box. The passing and movement going forward looks good and spreads play about and they tend to retain possession a lot. If I can sell a few people I could use a faster DC who can jump better/taller and a better all round ST, and maybe a more dominating defensive MC (maybe he should be first buy ) I picked up Hitzlberger and Zanetti on free's for one season to get me through, Zanetti has been really good as DLP. But I have confidence it will get better It could be players learning the formation, weaker players, etc will keep tweaking I changed my DC's to a LD stopper and DC cover and that seems ok. Oh and i also have set my AML/R to swap position which does work quite well as a I have a few players comfortable on both sides.
  9. Yeah i have using a couple of shouts, and OI (closing down and weaker foot on fullbacks, wingers and if they play with 2 up front, if they use a AMC he will get a little treatment as well) for 3 games it worked fine then seem to struggle a bit more in domestic comps. To be fair I have had a few injuries so my defence is a little weaker, injuries in midfield as well but has most quality depth but all of a sudden they just seem to cut me to ribbons. Have just put game on so will read rest of this thread and then come back to my tactic with a clean head. With a weakened defence I have put my fullbacks to Defend instead of Support to try and be a bit more solid.
  10. A really interesting read this, and very informative. It has helped my 451 tactic at Feyenoord no end. I had a decent shape but was struggling to win games. 7 games in the league, 6 draws 1 loss. Europe was another matter beat copenhagen and fenerbace (both just) to get into Champ league group stage. I took your passing setup and put it into my team and it has worked wonders. I also reset everything to default on the tactic creator, apart from zonal marking. Now my team plays more like I want them to, the shape and the pasing is better and looks more dangerous and I feel more confident in my defence. Results since the change have been a 2-2 draw with ADO Den Haag (Away), a 5-2 win (away) at Juventus, and my first home league win 2-0 against Zwolle. EDIT - now after my elation of the performances, they seem to have gone back to being **** gonna need a lot of work....
  11. In FM 12 when up against 2 strikers using my WM i got my full backs to mark the 2 strikers and it worked quite well
  12. Will have to try the MM, I had great fun (with Cleon's help) in fm 12 with my WM, which i may try to recreate shortly. I put my MC's back to DM's and I am a bit more solid. Trying Arsenal just now to try and get tactics sorted and had a pretty crap pre-season, conceding a quite a few goals but put it down to the team learning the formation. but the 2 DM's does help with being a bit more solid at the back.
  13. Just thought i'd pop on since i haven't been playing for a while. I was probably halfway in the thread talking about the WM formation with chelsea. Well I started playing again this week and went back to my Malaga save, in my 5th year with them season 3 was first league win, season 4 treble, league, cup and champ league playing a 4231. So i went back and was in Nov and am unbeaten in league 1 point behind Barca, and have thrown my team into the WM, but i went back to the original pic. So using 2 AMC's instead of MC's. I have a good team so they adapted well and have been flying. Still love the formation in the 2 or 3 varieties I have with about 20 versions of each with little tweaks. It really produces exciting football. I am also someone that hasn't gone out and bought the world's best on 48month deals, not my style. Pay upfront, but notable signings for me have been Ozil (transfer listed so cost 14m), Ter Stegen was a 2 year fight to get him but is awesome, Victor Ruiz has been great, and picked up Danny Wilson on a free and he has been immense and is currently my first choice DC, Wayne Rooney transfer listed himself at Man U and I picked him up for £30 m. Javi Garcia and Blaise Matuidi have been my DM rocks. Also helped by picking up some cracking newgens and youth. Behind Rooney i have Sanogo and Wilfried, my regen Joey Mulder is currently on loan at AC milan and is doing fantastic, cant wait to get him back. My Malaga team is a long term project and doing well. Just wanted to say thanks for introducing it to me, and I am so converted.
  14. Thought i would give the MLS a shot, so picked Portland Timbers kind of at random. Trying to use a WM formation, 3 at teh back, 1 DC 2 FB's. Still getting head round the transfer stuff here Trying to get some good players. Picked up Rivaldo on a free so I at least have someone who can take a corner or freekick First challenge is to try and get a good DC.
  15. I had a wee look, i am always interested in how people set up their set pieces. I have my corner set up which works for me, i have my best jumper at nearpost and batter the ball there, or if 2 many bodies will switch to far post. My throw in setups i usually left to standard, but have tweaked them a wee bit after looking at yours there. But cracking going with swansea winning the league with a healthy gap, and a cup win I am re working my WM just now to adjust to new players, a few younger and still developing and a bunch of injuries. Once happier with it i will give it a proper challenge with a lower league team. Looking forward to seeing the first 15 mins part you are doing. The first couple of matches of this season i have gone behind in teh first half, then given them a right royal roasting at half time and it does the trick...how i dont want that to be a habit. Trying to get these changes right as i have Arsenal next and they seem to give me a good roasting, arshavin, van persie seem to run rings around my guys.. wil lsee how it goes
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