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  1. Started a Leipzig save after reading this thread and loving it. Just starting 3rd season and have made it it to the top league. 1st season i got a couple decent free signings and played a 3142 and won the league fairly easily, 2nd season was tougher won it with 2 games to go and Mainz pushed me right to the end. 3rd season picked up some quality young players, some of teh bigger names wont come to me even if they are on a free. Its a fun and challenging save. 1st game of 3rd season away to Dortmund, and a scraped a 0-0, I have no idea how.....they were all over me 27 shots on goal to my 1. Sta
  2. Been trying this with Aberdeen in my 2nd season after I lost my wingers to injuries, and I haven't looked back. Only lost 2 games all season and I am mid December. Lost 1-0 away to spurs in Euro playoff round and away to Motherwell. Beat celtic 3-2 at home and 3-1 in the league cup. But best was a 6-0 away win at Dundee Utd. The poacher works well, the 2nd striker seems to be hit and miss, he scored 4 in one game in the Dundee Utd game then goes on a wee barren spell. But Overall I think it is a really good tactic
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