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  1. Is it just me?

    My thinking is that in football there will be always unlikely results. And thats the beauty of it. I dont have any problem with some results that in reality would be a "surprise". If a team has fast players and is used to play on counter them its perfectly normal that it could win against bigger teams more frequently. Even make a run of 4 or 5 games in a row winning that way. What I see in this ME and the OP too, is that if they take a lead and decide to retain possession is very dificult for the other team to fight that. They play a perfect tiki-taka that would make proud Guardiola, even with players useless for the better team. The favorite team tries to close down more but what happens is more space to pass and/or more faults. Endless time wasted with almost no yellow cards against. And many mistakes in front of goal if they manage to recover the ball. I watch my games in 2D and the transition from a counter style to a possession style and vice-versa seems almost always perfect. Too perfect in my opinion. Specially in a smaller team. It seems they always know if its time to recieve a small pass on the feet or its time to explore the space behind the defense.
  2. Just an observation...

    Thats because you went with attacking football and the other team went defensive. Because of their mentality and the space that you leave for them to play they overperform. Ive seem that many times and is my main grip with this match engine. Too many times it punishes teams who play attacking football and rewards defensive football. A smaller defensive minded team playing against a much bigger team should focus primarily on defense so his unrealistic that they would score 4 goals to you, but that happens in this ME. If you see statistics your team probably has 3 times more faults than them, because they were chasing them all over the pitch to recover the ball and they holded the ball extremelly well. Am I right? In 2 of that set pieces they scored. Its like if you say to your team before the match "Dont worry guys they are so weak that this game is won even if we dont play" and thats what really happens, your players go to the field but they dont play, they just see the other team (ultramotivated and focused) play.
  3. Over the Top Contracts

    Where did I see that? Hmmmm... All the time that I try to renegotiate a new contract with a young prospect and even backup players that are playing some games and performing well. The players in FM are really greedy and if there's some bigger clubs interested in them even more. Some times they want 3-4 times more than what they earn, to sign a new contract, and if we dont concede and sell them, they accept a small improve in their contract with the other team. Oh, well... For many players (depending on his loyalty and ambition) it should be the other way around, ie, if a player plays in Italy for 4 years it should have his life settled there and should only accept to move to Germany if they offer him 3-4 times more money. And should be willing to accept much less from his actual club. Nevertheless I understand why in the game they are so greedy. If they wherent then the big teams would struggle to sign the better players because they would want unrealistic wages to move unless they were unsettle. In the past FMs that was a real issue. Real big deals would almost never happen and thats even more unrealistic. Deals like the ones of Ronaldo and Bale would never happen in past FMs. I hope it could happen now. I didnt see any but I still hope...
  4. Is it just me?

    You see what I mean. That supports what I said. In reality that should not happen (as a Benfica fan I hope I'm wrong this year). The way I see its not because Benfica are overrated its because they play against bigger clubs that open their play and they just counter or defend and even the AI can make that happen. Thats just insane and should never happen against teams much better like Barcelona, Bayern, Real or even PSG. I can understand 1 or even 2 good results but winning CL its very, very unlikely.
  5. Is it just me?

    Maybe I was, but my idea is that big clubs should never lose 2 games in a row to a smaller club like Benfica. In the long run they still manage to get in the 1st positions in their leagues, but they lose too much points in my opinion. Look at PSG that are already champions in France this year, in my view that is very unlikely to happen in FM1016. I didnt post the comment because of my problems, it drives me nuts, but thats not the bigger problem. The worst is that playing defensively is too overpowered and that it should not be that way. Read the last setence, please... I was giving the example of my team against bigger teams, but I should have said that the main problem I see is in games AI vs. AI in wich 1 is a bigger team then the other. I dont say that the smaller team shouldnt cause problems to the big team, what I say is that if you observe the game the smaller team looks like the bigger team and vice-versa, in terms of quality play. They close down better, they pass better, they tackle better, they shoot better, etc. In that way I think that the ME should be balanced a little bit. A big club with great players that plays in the same tactic for years, like Barcelona, should cause some problems against all teams. And if the team is underperforming, the quality of Messi, Neymar and Suarez (probably the best attacking trio in the world) in a moment could win the match for them. I never said the problem is tactical. For me the problem is of motivation and mentality play. Playing in counter-attack or defensive in combination with some instructions like "hold the ball" is to overpowered because the bigger teams struggles to recover the ball and the smaller teams almost never makes a bad pass. When they recover the ball they almost always loose it imediatelly, trough a bad pass, a bad shoot, a bad drible, etc.
  6. Is it just me?

    It isn't just you. I've seen that crap in this ME in my favor too. It's very unrealistic that a smaller team can draw or even defeat a bigger team 9 out of 10 games. And its not only our team that struggle with that, it happens to the AI teams too. It's not reallistic at all that I can win the Champions League with Benfica in the 1st sesson with the original players + Gabriel Barbosa - Nico Gaitan. There's too much difference in reality for that to be possible, nevertheless I've done it for the 1st time in many years, and with very little effort. Beatting teams like Chelsea, PSG and Barcelona without any problems. Players like Messi, Neymar, etc. were totally eclipsed by my average players. I've just given my team more defensive instructions and voilá, they've turned in to the best players in Europe. What drives me nuts its the other way around. When smaller teams do that to me and I cant find a way to solve that problem. In the past increasing tempo and other things almost always solve the issue, and many times a late goal would punish the defensive team, but with this ME that seems to create even bigger problems. What I see many times is that the smaller team (with crappy players, some of them rated 1/2 star fot my team) can dominate in the midfield with great passes, with closing down in the right moment, with better reaction times, with great tackling (almost no faults), etc. Someone will say that they are more motivated, and I would agree, but that should not be enough to balance the game or even put it in their favor. The players should not change so much in their performances just because they are more motivated or are playing more defensively. That's what I think its unrealistic with this ME.
  7. Same questions.

    The only exception is a penalty kick. But if it's a corner, a freekick or any other situation the referre can end the match whenever he wants.
  8. Penalty Bug?!?!

    What I've noticed is much more players missing under pressure. When their team are under 1-0, are playing the Champions League final, etc. Even the great penalty shooters miss sometimes, even more under pressure and that's allright for me.
  9. Same questions.

    Don't give up just yet. I'm sure next season will be better. In all past FM, and this is not exception, the 1st season is always the more challeging if the team already are on the top league tier. In the 2nd season with some adjustments in the team and the bad decisions of the AI usually makes it more easy.
  10. No. My only complain is too many big injuries in some matches. And way to few small injuries then in reality. Some matches there are 2 big injuries. A broken leg and a broken arm in the same match? Come on... its not realistic.
  11. Same questions.

    Do you know that something similar happened to Benfica this season? After a season with great games where they could have won some big titles they won nothing at all... Lost Portuguese First League to FCPorto in injury time when only 1 game was left. The goal was from a player from the B team of FCPorto in a desperate shot at 90+2 minutes. Lost Europa Cup final to Chelsea in the final minutes (I think 89 or 90 minutes). Lost Portuguese Cup Final to a minor team in Portugal. All this happened for 2 reasons: - Fisical problems of some key players, so that some less good/fitted players had to play those matches. The same as you when you say that some players got injured in a previous match. And some key players finished the season too much tired for them to perform well even if not injured. That implies that your team is too short to challenge for so many competitions, the same as Benfica. - The loss of morale after the loss with FCPorto in injury time, when they though that the 1st league was won, was devastating and influenced the next matches. Do you think that this couldnt happen till it really happen, and it happened. For a Benfica fan, as I am, I was very frustrated too. Best luck next season!!! Dont get me wrong I would get very frustrated and angry too if it happened to me, I'm just saying that your not alone.
  12. Just some off-topic: Yes there is. Here in Portugal the maganers, players and directors are always criticising referees and the bans are very, very rares. But most of the time they are right, so... Britain its not special in this case. I think its everywhere. In Portugal the media gives more importance to a director or a manager that criticise a referee then to a great goal. What can I say?... Its a crappy Portuguese referee with crappy linesmen. I know him very well. He has been awful in the past in many games. This is very standart nowadays here in Portugal. There isnt one single season that the referees arent linked with the team that wins the league. But the mistakes punishes everybody. It could work in that sports but not in football. This year I've seen a game Braga-Benfica where there was a problem with the lights. The game was interrupted several times in the 1st half and it was really a pain to see. Even the players where annoyed because of that. I could imagine if the CL final was interrupted for every fault just to see and decide if the player deserve a yellow card or not. Or it is an offside. Or any other little thing. It will last for hours that match and the fans will sooner or later lose interest in the game. I think that it would kill football.
  13. Its a good game, but not perfect. If it was perfect then next years version would not be sold...
  14. What the hell is this?

    This issue has been in FM for many years for the Portuguese league. And I suspect that for others too. The problem is that the game associates the value of a player to the reputation of him, his club or the league. Ideally the value should be associated to his stats (goals, assists, etc.), to key attributes (like determination and professionalism), to his age, to his potencial, etc. With that kind of system there are players that are crap in the league that are valued at 2-3M and the league stars only 3-4M, thats insane. This game tries to simulate real football, but when we see things like this we just remember that its just a game not a simulation. There's many cases in FM where a player from the Portuguese league is sold to another club in Spain or England and 4 years later without playing any 1st team game they are sold for 2 or 3 times the value that they bought him. As for the small bid accepted by the president I usually do like BiggusD said. Just ask for a crazy amount of money, so many teams dont bid at all and he will almost never accept the small bids.
  15. Which keeper should I use

    This is my opinion too. But I would go with A inicially, because his mental atributes are better.