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  1. I have a love hate relationship with Celano FC Olimpia. I was doing an Italian Dafuges challenge in FM2012 I believe. After taking them from C2 to Serie B in 5 seasons, making huge profits in the process, we got taken over and I was fired immediately. Still seething.
  2. First season with Villa, performed to expectation. 7th in the league, decent cup runs, but managed to win the FA Cup with very kind draws and an amazing performance against Arsenal. 2nd season. Into Februrary 2012, undefeated in all competitions so far (Europa, League Cup, FA Cup, EPL) except one loss to Valencia when I played my reserve/youth squad because qualification in 1st place was already guaranteed. Got a game in hand over 2nd and 3rd in the league, and 12 points ahead.
  3. Sounds like you haven't been disciplining players for their infractions (no shows to training, sending offs etc). I think the only way to get them to stop worrying is to give someone a fair punishment for the next offence. Too hard and they'll moan about unfair treatment, too soft and they'll worry about indiscipline.
  4. Interesting. Good luck with it Btw, as a West Midlander, the Jags is a much better name
  5. I simply couldn't get into 09 properly. The longest save I had was 2 seasons or so long. Kept starting again as I thought it was my team/league choices, but *that* feeling never came around. FM10 has already pulled me in massively. The only thing I can't stand about it though; the timing of the release. I'm going to be completely rammed for time until the end of the academic year. Damn uni getting in the way of my football management career!
  6. end of FM series

    If they did F1 manager right, you'd have to be doing maths all the way through the race (emergency pitstops, change of strategy, your drivers being held up by slower cars etc etc etc) meaning people wouldn't be able to blast through a season in a day. It'd be fantastic! But I'm still with NFL as my first vote. Then F1. The Kabbadi. Just for the pure giggles. Especially if it had proper audio and voice acting.
  7. end of FM series

    It'd be a massive task to undertake to create an ME for it, as you'd need to call plays etc all game (unless you have assistants running the game in your place or a selection of plays automatically picked), but I'd really love to see SI do an American Football management game. EA did one a few years ago but I found it to be alot like their soccer manager; all about aesthetics and completely missing the point of the game. Very technical game rulebook wise aswell. I'm pretty sure even the most diehard of fans don't know all the rules. Would love an NFL Manager. So so so much Edit: Oh yeah, as tlm said, no reason to end the series. Even if everything gets absolutely perfected (slim chance, nothings perfect after all ), databases still need updating, GUI's need refreshing and the game is constantly evolving anyway.
  8. This is why SI need to develop a 3D trophy room. So you can show people around and prove that the "silly game" isn't a "waste of time". "Oh I'm sorry love, where's your 5 consecutive league titles, 4 FA Cups and 4 Champions League trophies? Mine are right here, but I don't see yours. You know the rules; No trophies, no opinion!"
  9. My girlfriend supports what I tell her to support. But seriously, she actually likes me gaming*. She thinks it's "cute" =/ Only she would find me yelling, cheering and crying over/at computer games "cute". She's probably foolish enough to think that games are no threat to her too! *Gaming includes: CS, WoW, Aion, Operation Flashpoint, Race 07 and FM.
  10. I'll have a mess around with Aston Villa for a while, and get used to the game. Then (if possible) I'll take over my local Sutton Coldfield Town in the 8th tier. I'm not used to going outside Europe really for managing, so I'll probably have a few other saves with teams from America, South America and Asia over the next year.
  11. Do you commentate?

    I often do the vocal celebration similar to this colorful commentator
  12. Only half way through the first video atm, but it looks fantastic. The football is so realistic, it's amazing. OMG THERE'S A NET EFFECT! As others have said, I think it's time to change completely to 3D this year.
  13. Maybe an intensity slider that determines how hard your players will push themselves in a game? Low means to go down easily to avoid injury, no 50-50 tackles, generally stay out of trouble. High means to get stuck in as much as possible, take every half chance presented and play as though the result means the absolute world.
  14. "Good news, you've won Liverpool the league with a fantastic hat trick. Bad news, you've crippled us financially so you're being shipped out to Solihull Moors."
  15. My "concede sequence" is usually this: 1. Throw myself backwards into the chair back (I lean forward when I watch a game) whilst throwing arms up. 2. Head to the side resting on one of my hands. 3. Then followed by a fairly standard comment of, "****ing **** defenders. They're all getting the chop. YOU HEAR ME?!... Can't even...****ing defenders." Thats the same sequence for every goal conceded, from preseason to CL final, just with varying degrees of swearing, yelling and physical thrashing about. To the outsider, my misery must look quite funny.