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  1. I tend to scour the database as well, but I like having scouts (particularly one or two really good scouts) who can automate some of that for me. It's nice to be able to have a base group of players to search through.
  2. I used to do this, but I hated how it would totally confuse my scout reports. I think I was the USA manager and Liverpool's manager at the same time, and a 5-star player for USA isn't necessarily a 5-star player for Liverpool.
  3. It depends a little on how high you want your line to be and what role you want them to have. If he's a BPD in an attacking setup with a high D-line, he'd better be quick enough to get back. If you're playing controlled and on the counter, though, with the line sunk deeper, it probably doesn't matter much. That said...I'd still want him to be fast, it's just my bias. Pace is one of those attributes that can sometimes gloss over other deficiencies.
  4. IF there were something that was a bug (like if my keeper got sent off for handling outside the area, which isn't the rule and almost NEVER happens, say), then I'd say a reload is fair. However, I'd have quit at that point, and if I'm being totally honest if that happened when I was up by two I probably would've ridden it out. Your situation, though, isn't a bug, it's just bad luck. There are times where the refs are ridiculously biased in your favor, too, and you probably don't think "Hmm, I should reload that" so much as you think "Wow, awesome, three penalties in one game!" Didn't the u
  5. Sometimes having low job security also means it's easier for you to leave the club. If I'm winning a lot and my contract's up at the end of the year, big clubs looking for a manager may like me because they won't have to pay a huge fee to my current club when I leave.
  6. I don't think that's even sort of cheating, really. That's smart club management.
  7. I believe that the less groups that the coach is training (i.e., "Attacking", "Defending", "Tactics", etc.), the more fully said coach can concentrate on his area. So, over time, having several highly rated coaches in each of the disciplines (and also, presumably, at the youth level) gives you the greatest chance of seeing improvement. You can kind of see it when you're allocating responsibilities; a 4.5 star coach who's splitting his time between attacking and tactics will only be able to train at a 3 star level in each of those disciplines. Find a tactical coach and put him on attacking trai
  8. You only get a portion of money from transfers, but that portion can be used to sign players from other leagues. You just have to be sure to keep enough money under the salary cap so you can afford your incoming player.
  9. Is there any way this can be more in depth? I'm mostly wondering if your advance scout can get information that might relate to tactical set-up; stuff like "Xabi Alonso tends to be deployed as a deep-lying playmaker" or "Tottenham likes to play a quick, counter-attacking game". In reality, this is how scouting's done; it could easily be based on the away scout's tactical knowledge, too, so sometimes your information is bad (or the AMOUNT of information is limited depending on a scout's knowledge). I'm finding I'm guessing a lot at tactics, and formations are really only half the story. In the
  10. I'm confused...it looks like it just rotated where the players were placed. The roles and duties are the same...couldn't you just re-select your team? That shouldn't take hours...
  11. Only played a couple of games last night (my wife didn't understand the "But there's a new patch!" argument for playing through the evening), but on that limited sample size I have to say that the game seemed to be better. There were some differences, but I felt like I was more in control and that the players were doing what I told them to do; that's really all I was looking for. It didn't feel like a chaotic scramble all the time. Honestly, I think that losing the ball's "ice rink" feel had a lot to do with that, even though it's cosmetic. Just felt like things moved better. Defenders defini
  12. If he's trying to get the best deal for him and his client, he's definitely open for some bribery through the bonuses. I'm not saying the guy will drop his demands from 10,000 to 2,500 just because you paid off his agent, but you can definitely make that number move in your direction by throwing money into different areas. Just make sure you do the math and verify that you're not spending more on fees than you would on salary, which would kind of defeat the point. It's super helpful to get rid of obnoxious clauses agents try to throw on there, too; they'll sometimes drop the wage increases or
  13. It could be that PSV are charging you a "rich club tax" because they think you have the money. Or that Atletico has deferred some of the payments into the future, and that 12.75 is only the up front fee (although I thought that was shown). I've had this happen from time to time, though, and it's super irritating. Usually it's a club in the same league, though.
  14. One way I get around that is with agent fees and/or player bonuses; I'd rather jack up an agent's fee on the front end, get a player to drop their wages or increase their contract length or drop their raise demands (or a combination of all three) than pay higher salaries. Paying more now for long-term savings makes sense, and if I jack up the player's bonus than I may owe him a balance if I transfer him out. Agent fees suck, but they're a good way to get things done. Not sure if it would've mattered here, though. Sometimes you can get around it by offering big bonuses that aren't likely to be
  15. Here's my question: What does the Chief Scout actually DO that makes him different from other scouts? I'd like for him to re-scout every player my crappy scouts recommend to see if they're actually good (he's vastly better than they are), but I'm not sure I can get him to do that.
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