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  1. Yes, although I had no intention of paying that much  After they answered my enquiry with £112 million, I suggested £25 million and they dropped the asking price to £97 million so I suggested £46 million out of curiosity and they asked for £97 million again. Ended up buying Sturaro instead for £4 million. Bargain!
  2. With all due respect to Lewis Cook, if a bid of 45 million+ was offered in real life then Bournemouth would snap your hand off.
  3. Currently 8th with Burnley after 14 matches. Beat Chelsea 1-0 away in the first game of the season with my only shot on target in the 92nd minute had a 6 game unbeaten run before being demolished 5-1 my Man City after a red card in the 11th minute plus giving 2 penalties away enjoying it so far!
  4. I'm playing as Burnley and made an enquiry for Lewis Cook from Bournemouth. They wanted £112,000,000 now I know transfer fees these days are massively inflated but this is ridiculous.
  5. Make sure you pay £10million then! .... minimum Best player I have seen at Turf Moor in the last 10 years and still only 23. He will go on to play for a top 6 PL club, easily. I just hope he gets us promoted before he leaves
  6. Keep your hands off our Charlie He is our only chance of promotion/playoffs/staying up
  7. He used to build walls, he used to build waaaalllllllsssssss, that Charlie Austin, now he scores goals! Sorry, I can't help but sing that song whenever I hear his name Anyway, I will also be Burnley
  8. My best save has been on FM12, this is how it went: 1st season: started as my beloved Burnley. Lost in the playoff final to a last minute winner damn you Middlesbrough! 2nd season: strengthened the squad and was promoted as champions. Premier League here we come! 3rd season: finished a respectable 11th, included beating Chelsea 4-3 at Stamford Bridge! Was offered the Everton job, turned it down. 4th season: unbelievably finished 4th with a last game win over Spurs! Woooo! 5th season: reached the Champions League semi-final before being knocked out by Real Madrid. Offered the Chelsea job and accepted their offer. Won everything with Chelsea and started feeling guilty about leaving MY Burnley. After 6 seasons at Chelsea, Burnley had dropped to league 1... then the Burnley manager was sacked. I arrived back in Burnley and got them promoted in consecutive seasons back to the Premier League. Then my game crashed haven't been on FM12 since. Waiting for the new game now Come on you Clarets!
  9. Can't wait for the next update. Well done on creating the best thread I've ever read on these forums FMAnderson
  10. Don't know if it's already been mentioned but I'd like to see updated odds as a league or cup progresses. Eg. Start of the season odds for the Premier League: Man Utd 2/1, Chelsea 2/1, Arsenal 4/1, Man City 5/1 etc. These odds would then fluctuate as the season progresses. It would be interesting to see who the bookies think are going to win the league as your teams' form goes up and down. I'm sorry if I worded this poorly
  11. He's not a coach though, is he? Lots of footballers have died whilst still playing for club. You can't keep them all in the game.
  12. Don't know if it's already been mentioned but at half and full time i would like to see overall team ratings out of 10 and also manager ratings. It would be interesting to see what our average rating is as a manager throughout the season.
  13. Grimness - you can already manage the under 21's of a country without managing the full team.I am manager of burnley fc and england u - 21's
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