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  1. 1 doubt regarding xml files (when adding players for example): Some attributes have random numbers that I can't really make sense of: db_random_id and db_unique_id When I create a player he is given a db_unique_id but they are somewhat random (not consecutive, not even close) And db_random_id is given for every field from name to dates or attributes. If I were to generate these somehow with some script/java program would I just add some high random numbers? Something to figure out here? And are there any tools for generating xml files like these? From Excel or .txt data. I remember someone creating a thread about something similar at some point.
  2. That means nothing as they start there. Also in previous years it was hardcoded to prevent them from getting promoted. I tried a million ways in previous iterations and it was impossible. I think in 2013 or 14 or whenever it was finally possible but prior to that nope. As for the reputation thing I'm not sure that is true nowadays. I tried yesterday setting a B team's rep to 9999 and after holidaying for several seasons it never got promoted. (EDIT: And the op even went further with that apparently) No matter what. (In the Portuguese league) Even if it isn't hardcoded to never let them get promoted I'd say it pretty much lowers the chances of that happening... to like 0.000000000000000001%. I'm yet to see one get promoted in any league btw. (from the non-playable leagues)
  3. If the team has what it takes to get promoted it should get promoted. That's it. This is a terrible (or lazy) and unrealistic system. It was meh a few years ago, but after all this time... This is something that has never been well implemented in FM. In previous FMs it wasn't even possible for any kind of B/II/U23 whatever team to get promoted. That included Spanish B teams. Only when they implemented that affiliate system that became a thing. But the ones not set as affiliates still can't get promoted from the unplayable divisions in most leagues (even if they have 9999 reputation, Messi and Ronaldo). Hell Idk if they can get promoted in any country other than Germany as I tested a couple of leagues in FM14 and it just wouldn't happen. This post is completely ridiculous. It's like there is a button for you to activate the 4th and 5th tiers. Or like every file that adds a start and end of the season date works. Even one I found on some German forum is buggy and has this stubborn idea of implementing the U19s in a buggy way that makes it impossible to scout.
  4. Uh.. Is that "Distribute to centre-backs" instruction working? I just played 2 matches and the damn GK didn't pass to the CBs once. :/ He either kicked it far away or passed to the left-back. :confused: With or without pressure the result was the same.
  5. Saving is ridiculously slow. :/ With only 6 countries, first season, "only" 70k players... And it's only 40mbs now. Can't imagine what will happen after a couple of seasons when the save size is about 150mbs... And this is with an SSD. :confused:
  6. Tycoon Takeover in League 1?

    When that happens it's awesome to see what the AI does with the money. The AI manager immediately signs a ton of players who are worse than the ones he already has and pays them 16k a week.
  7. Clwb Pêl Droed Caersws

    In my FM14 saves 99% of the consortiums haven't done anything. I had one that improved the training facilities and injected 1m I think but other than that I've seen consortium takeovers every single week (some fail, some don't) and no cash injection, no improvements, no nothing.
  8. I've tested a bit but couldn't find anything 100% certain. The option to ask the board shows up after 20 years. However for 1 club the board constantly rejected to build a new stadium until 25 years had passed. (they rejected my request after 20,21,22,23 and 24 and accepted in the 25th) But the other club I got the board to accept it after 20. The problem is that the local council rejects it 2 weeks later.
  9. Who attends the press conferences

    I attend all of the pre/post match conferences. I hate it though. And became worse when the game started (rarely and usually managed to solve by deleting temp/cache folder) crashing during the conferences. I haven't tried sending the assistant yet. Still traumatized by some previous FM where if you were Man Utd's coach he'd say stuff like "Man City is going to win everything".
  10. 32000 is their stadium expansion capacity. (so I assume it can't be expanded) Also, the stadium was built in 2009 so you'll have to wait until at least 2029 to build a new stadium.
  11. Football Manager 2015 for £21

    In Portugal it's always £40 (50€) so... Gonna buy it from some key website like last year. (was like ~21£)
  12. It doesn't show up for me no matter the reputation or budget. I can't even remember ever seeing that button since FM2013. They refused everytime anyway.
  13. Clwb Pêl Droed Caersws

    In all this time no son? Or did you not even bother to check?
  14. The superkeepers were in some FM2010 patch IIRC (if you had Casillas you didn't need a defense. He was like Neuer, times 5). And the corner bug. And a completely untested and broken Portuguese league. Still it was one of the versions I played the most (after 2007).
  15. Clwb Pêl Droed Caersws

    Just for comparison in Azerbaijan I got 5.99m € (£4.8m). I was the only club present in the CL but still a lot more. Idk where that value came from though. The game set a value automatically, did SI set a value even to inactive leagues or...? The domestic TV deal started at about 240k and got to 1m after the league's rating got to 3 stars.