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  1. No I don't, I'm sorry, the auto-save has since saved over the top of it. I used the English start date from memory, and I'm running Italy, England, Spain and Holland. I can't be sure, but I feel like I did add a logo pack and reloaded the skin between the time I saw the confidence change. I doubt that would affect things, but figured I'd better let you know. I've attached the save file anyway. Hope that helps. fm_save1.zip
  2. About to reach January in my first season with Wycome and I checked the board confidence screen in late November and the bars were in various locations (they were happy with my signings and match results but disappointed in my finances). However, after a couple of matches I check the screen and everything is set back to the middle with the board saying how delight they are at my appointment - Which they said at the start. After three great results I checked the screen and nothing has moved and fear it might be bugged. Do you want the save file or any extra details?
  3. Is this pass combination map normal? All my games look like that (ultra possession football), yet I feel as though my forwards should be slightly further up the pitch on that graphic. Have I got the front man on the right role? Any basic suggestions for travelling away to lesser teams? I tend to struggle against Huddersfield/Wolves etc. I don't really tinker too much with the tactic, maybe changing mentality to Balanced and moving the AMC to a DM role to counter the more attacking formation home teams tend to go for.
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