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  1. No I don't, I'm sorry, the auto-save has since saved over the top of it. I used the English start date from memory, and I'm running Italy, England, Spain and Holland. I can't be sure, but I feel like I did add a logo pack and reloaded the skin between the time I saw the confidence change. I doubt that would affect things, but figured I'd better let you know. I've attached the save file anyway. Hope that helps. fm_save1.zip
  2. About to reach January in my first season with Wycome and I checked the board confidence screen in late November and the bars were in various locations (they were happy with my signings and match results but disappointed in my finances). However, after a couple of matches I check the screen and everything is set back to the middle with the board saying how delight they are at my appointment - Which they said at the start. After three great results I checked the screen and nothing has moved and fear it might be bugged. Do you want the save file or any extra details?
  3. Is this pass combination map normal? All my games look like that (ultra possession football), yet I feel as though my forwards should be slightly further up the pitch on that graphic. Have I got the front man on the right role? Any basic suggestions for travelling away to lesser teams? I tend to struggle against Huddersfield/Wolves etc. I don't really tinker too much with the tactic, maybe changing mentality to Balanced and moving the AMC to a DM role to counter the more attacking formation home teams tend to go for.
  4. As the title says really. Picked up the EA having not played the original since 2008 and I feel the animations are very stuttery (is that a word?). It's really evident when the puck gets dumped along the boards as it seems to skip every half second or so and does slide smoothly. Anyone else encountering this?
  5. The thing I'm worried about is because of my teams strength the opposition usually play Counter-attacking football, which has cost me points. So keeping 3 midfielders back allows my WBs to go bombing forward, without leaving the defense in trouble on the counter when we lose possession. I might try changing both MCs to support and see what happens. I played another game, away to Zulte (who are prime candidates for relegation) and won 3-0, with all three coming from set pieces. We looked a lot more threatening on attack when I change the width slider all the way to the right which is promising. I've now got an away trip to Lyon in the CL where a draw will see us into the knockout stages. I might keep the formation as is, purely because Lyon are the stronger team.
  6. My backs are both Central Defenders with Stopper and Cover positions. I'll have a tinker with width and change my FBs to Ball Playing Defenders and see what happens. Cheers guys.
  7. Take a look at this game I've attached. Anderlecht (me) against Mons who are sitting third in the standings. You can download it here. BE WARNED, IT'S POSSIBLY THE MOST BORING GAME EVER! Line-ups Kouyate is playing as an Anchor Man with Ralf and Arouca playing as defensive minded Ball-Winning Midfielders. Traore is an attacking Advanced Playmaker with Nilmar as Poacher and Diego Souza Deep-Lying Forward. Both Wingbacks are set to support. I watched the full game, 75% of which consisted of Kouyate, Ralf, Arouca and Traore passing the ball between themselves at the top of the area whilst everyone else stood around and watched. Nobody attempted to make any off the ball runs or anything, it was boring. I finished the game with 71% possession in a game I won 1-0. However, I changed formations at half-time; had I not possession would've been higher and it would've finished 0-0 because I didn't create any chances. I tried shouting things like "Exploit the flanks" and "Try early crosses", I even changed my tactics to promote play down the flanks to no avail. How do I stop the four midfielders tapping the ball between themselves and actually try and move the ball around the width of the field?
  8. I've been a long time user of people's tactics as I just don't have the know how (or time!) to tinker with tactics. So to start my first save as Anderlecht I decided to give your tactic a try. Now Anderlecht don't really have much in the way of opposition in the domestic league but a 1-0 loss to Lokeren in the Belgian Super Cup didn't fill me with confidence. Since then the tactic has done wonders for me. Although I'm 5 games from finishing the league, I'm 12 points clear with a 18-5-2 record. Both losses were 1-0 defeats away from home were we dominated but couldn't put the ball into the back of the net. By far though was my romp through a tough Champions League group with Valenica (1-1 draws in both games), Chelsea (3-3 draw after being 3-0 down with 13 minutes left, and 3-2 after squandering a 2-0 lead late on) and BATE (where we won 1-0 and drew 1-1) which most impressed me. Of the games I've dropped points, it seems to be, like most goals conceded, that bugs in the ME are to blame (things such as defenders getting stuck in a jog animation etc.) although I have noticed when teams line-up with the same formation as myself they certainly tend to give me a tougher game. One of the ways I've been combating this is dropping one of MCs into the DM position as an anchor man and that seems to help somewhat. Changing strategy to "Attacking" when away from home against weaker opposition also seems to yield slightly better results than that of a "Standard" strategy. But only change to Attacking if you aren't dominating the possession stakes. I've also found it useful to place the wingbacks higher up the field, particularly when in the second half and you're pushing against a weaker team.
  9. Sorry if this has been mentioned. But wouldn't it be great if we could import Cities, Players, Stadiums and Clubs from .csv files or even as comma-seperated text files? I find the bigest gripe with the editor is it is SSSSOOOOOO time consuming to create a large pyramid league from scratch. Particular if you are creating a nation from scratch.
  10. Any news on the new forum for non FM stories yet?
  11. Well, if I started my EHM story here, and it turns out gash, or nobody bothers reading it for one reason or another then it can fade into obscurity. But you could at least let me try? C'mon, I'll be your best friend, AND I'll invite you to my party. Can't ask for than that.
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