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  1. A new update ?

    Ok. Thanks for the information. Nobody knows what they're for. It must be a secret...
  2. A new update ?

    In that case I do not understand why editors and other tools, made by the community, always stop working. Any information on the updates would be welcome.
  3. Someone can tell me the usefulness of these continuous little updates almost a year after the sale of the game ??
  4. So it would be easy to solve. put a dark skin and another light. But that's not what they did, and why ...? The light-colored skins alternatives do not work properly until now.
  5. Who will be the SI intelligent designer who remembered to put this dark and aberrant skin and did not provide an alternative. More time to spend on forums or on google looking for valid alternatives instead of being playing.
  6. Every year the same story. the game usually comes out with occasional annoying changes. Add up a few bugs that ridiculous fake ignore the SI and will subsequently corrected through patches, (way to discourage piracy and keeping fans engaged in forums). When we get to March, the latest patch will make the game capable and sharpen the appetite for the next Football Manager not long in leaving. Commercial strategy has yielded results because every year I insist on buying the game in November.
  7. Ok. I have bought the damaged version of the game. Sometimes the injuries become so pathetic, that's funny there are who think that this is due to the quality of the staff, the quality of the training or with any other factors. So at least ( if anyone from S.I. read this) I would appreciate, in future editions of the game, a saved games editor so I can continue to amuse myself.
  8. Dear friends. I will not dispute your opinions. Your game should be different from mine. As mentioned i play with many teams from different countries, some rich, the some others poor. Always deliver the training missions to staffs I recruited depending on the funds available. In some cases I have continental staff, in other cases staff very elementary. What I keep saying is that in all cases and giving an example of the first two months of play, all teams have significant injury in most cases more than two months. And more (and do not say it's coincidence) in which I will try to buy players suddenly are injured in their respective teams and without even being in competition. Try playing with various teams and prove that I am right.
  9. I always play with several teams from different countries (usually between 8-10 teams) simultaneously. And it's incredible to see the amount of players with serious or very serious injuries, usually always the stars of the team. It was impossible to get a decent game without a save game editor. The SI must review this flaw in the next versions, otherwise the game becomes uninteresting, or even impractical. Note that the damage begins to occur from the beginning of the season, so removing the possibility of being for accumulating game.
  10. I never had answer

    Thanks to everyone who tried to help. I tried everything from reinstalling the game, format the disk, add more RAM (4 gigs) I changed graphics card twice. Nothing works. The only way I found was disabling the option to play 3D. Only then can do several matchs on the same day, without significant increase in memory and no crash dumps.
  11. Actually, I'm pretty sure its FM2011 that has the memory leak. If you start task manager, go to the processes tab, and turn on columns like commit size and private working space, you can see that the numbers for the fm exe both continuously increase. You can see it while the game is basically doing nothing while you alt-tabed out to go look at task manager. Sit there and watch, and you'll see both numbers go up continuously while the game is running in the background. And, certainly, if you alt-tab out of the game periodically, you can see these numbers go from around 600k to 1300k to some 1800k or more ....which is about when the game crashes on my system. This is why you can run for about five matches or so. That's how long its taking the memory leak in the game to go from the number at which it loads up to the point where the amount of memory this game is claiming is so great that it crashes the game. If you played your matches at a slower speed, or spent extra time looking for signings between games, you'll get fewer matches between crashes because the game is leaking memory the whole time. You can close some little 50k program in memory in the background. That'll buy you a few more minutes between crashes due to some extra memory. But, the game will still crash when the memory leak in the game grabs that extra 50k. No matter how many little utils you close in the background, the game will leak until its grabbed all the memory and still crash. Classic sig of a memory leak in a program.