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  1. Thanks it does. Although Steam hasn't updated it to 11.1.1 yet.
  2. I've gotten not update from Steam yet... although auto update is on.
  3. When using the editor data file or in game data files.. is there a 11.1.1 or is still just default and 11.1.0. I haven't seen an 11.1.1 file yet. I use Steam and it is set to auto-update.
  4. Is it named 11.1.1 or 11.1.0, i.e. are there now three databases to choose from?
  5. editor problem 11.1

    SI people will have to help you then. That hasn't happened with me.
  6. editor problem 11.1

    Did the editor actually crash... or did it "catch" and just appear to be crashing? The editor opens up for me... although it does what it did with FM2010, which is it "catches" while uploading... but then eventually is good and is ready to work.
  7. Savomg Editor Data: Compressed or Uncompressed?

    Is the file less corruptible as well? Does it help with uploading the file or is more of a space saving thing for the computer? Forgive my computer illiteracy. Thanks for your response.
  8. Why should I choose to compress an editor data save guys? I don't understand this matter when asked while saving my editor work? Thanks for any feedback.
  9. I love SI; love the game. FM is a tremendous accomplishment... that said, I wish they would hurry up and get this last patch out. It's been a month since the transfer window shut.
  10. Editor Date: How to Re-Edit?

    Haha... thank you so much. This new editor is a tricky dick.
  11. Editor Date: How to Re-Edit?

    Editor data that has been save (in xml form, I guess)... how can it be re-edited. The editor seems to allow you to do this, but I'm never provided the option to do so. I'm limited to re-opening the original database and editing the original database again. Is there a special folder the editor data saved file needs to be in? Thank you.
  12. I'm anti 3D as well. They've got to sell the game though and make money, and they know better than us what they need to do to maximize their profits. I have yet to play 3D, however, and think it is worthless. I support the dots!
  13. I agree as well, you should be able to start as both, imo.
  14. Petrov, Minimalism is best in my opinion. Fifa's graphics are too loud. Some of your ideas are not bad though. Good thought provoking stuff though.
  15. Manchester City

    I think the way to fix this is to edit the managers buying stat, i.e. make it higher. That seems to raise the quality of player a team buys. A high recognizes ability and potential may help too.