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  1. Iv a lot of crash in game, in menu etc. Iv delete custom graphics, set power option in Nvidia panel and all solutions - nothing helps. Then I remebered that I have change graphics settings in FM20 menu. Game detect and set High setting but I have change it for Very High, just after first lunch. I have set it back to High and no crash at all since then. Hope it will help somebody plus some small tip for devs...
  2. After last 19.0.2 fix game crash very often on network game. FM18 no crash at all during 15 seasons on network game. Is it possible that MSI Afterburner could be the reason? I remember it was a problem on FM17 or 16 with Afterburner Crash is random, on normal processing (news) and also during the match. p.s. screen from different thread but my error looks the same
  3. I wonder if they fix in FM2019 bug that has been occurring in FM for years when Game freezes when playing with other users in network game.
  4. był świadkiem zwycięstwa 3-0 w meczu Włochy-Belgia.

  5. i jego Man Utd zdobyli tytuł (Superpuchar Europy) w meczu na stadionie Martínez Valero.

  6. był świadkiem wysokiego zwycięstwa 8-1 w meczu Man Utd-Liverpool.

  7. Best skin in FM history. Can't wait!
  8. Where is this option now? Its hidden somewhere but I forgot where :/ It should be changed and this button should be on news post...
  9. cieszy się, że jego Man Utd zdobył rekordową liczbę 106 ligowych bramek w sezonie. #FM18

  10. +1 Its unplayable. We are playing network game with my friend and game is so laggy now even worst after last 18.0.3 patch. Funny thing is that when he is making some change during the match my match is also stopped/lagged (Im host hes client). Neil go to the devs and kick their asses, its only 5 days left!
  11. @FootballManager #FM18beta update will go live tonight?

  12. https://t.co/0ZPoRJw1Us https://t.co/Gp4BlnB76g

  13. cieszy się, że Anthony Martial (Francja) pobił rekord zdobytych bramek, który od teraz wynosi 68. #FM17

  14. (Manchester United) przeszedł do historii klubu, kompletując poczwórną koronę, której ostatnim elementem jest Liga Mistrzów UEFA. #FM17

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