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  1. Still no crash, even with full pack of all custom graphics (facepacks, logos, kits). Game crashed because of OC CPU, that is for sure.
  2. Just clean game, no custom graphics no nothing. DxDiag.txt FM 2020 v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.04.12 01.17.46).dmp
  3. So I was strugling with crash since 20.4 patch on network game. Every day all day crash, non stop crash. I have tried everything, clearing catches, verifing steam files, removed all graphics etc. All drivers up to date (nvidia, intel etc). Nothing helps, game crashed randomly and I almost give up on it. Then... I have core i5 3570k with 2 O.C. profiles in BIOS. Standard CPU settings with 3,8GHz speed and O.C. setup with CPU speed up to 4.4 GHz. Second OC profile its for FPS gaming and Im using it since years without ANY problems. Im experience in PC and OC profile is made perfectly. Iv never any blue screen or crash in FPS games. This CPU also is made for OC so... I dont know why but it seems FM dont accept overclocked CPU - at least on my spec. I have change back my bios settings to the default with stock CPU settings and boom - no crash since 3 days now. Its just my 5 cents to the Devs...
  4. No at any point. It just close randomly without any reason. Its not often - yesterday Iv played 2 hours and it was ok but it shouldn't happen, ever. Dont you think?
  5. So it happens again... After removing all custom graphics game stopped crashing (I think and I hope) but now during our network game FM just suddenly "disappears". No windows message, no error no nothing. It just close and Im immediately on the desktop, steam on blue and Im not playing anything. No antivirus, no custom graphics, no problems with system, newest nvidia drivers and all drivers up to date... (Intel chipset). Iv cleared cache and preferences few times before and checking files in steam... Hundreds of hours on FM19,18,17... without any problems on my PC. what happened? p.s. Iv 2 monitors playing FM on monitor1 and watching Twitch on monitor2
  6. On newest nvidia drivers (441.66 WHQL) no crash since 2 days so it might be it.
  7. crash dump file in attachement FM 2020 v20.2.1.1326301 (2019.12.09 23.24.01).dmp
  8. Just roll back to 20.2.0 please and fix the fix before release...
  9. 3 seasons without single crash. Not a single crash since BETA. Today 20.2.1 HOTFIX which was supposed to fix crashes and now crash crash crash - every few days CRASH. Game is unplayable in ONLINE mode now. We have to load save and repeat match 3 times in a row. When finally we could go further after another match - CRASH. Thanks SI.
  10. After last 19.0.2 fix game crash very often on network game. FM18 no crash at all during 15 seasons on network game. Is it possible that MSI Afterburner could be the reason? I remember it was a problem on FM17 or 16 with Afterburner Crash is random, on normal processing (news) and also during the match. p.s. screen from different thread but my error looks the same
  11. I wonder if they fix in FM2019 bug that has been occurring in FM for years when Game freezes when playing with other users in network game.
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