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  1. Anyone know how to make 1 panel always the same? I mean I have my team Body Language on 1 panel but every home/away game its changing for my or opposite team. How to made it to show only my team always? Thank you
  2. Thank you and how to change color of this round border and text inside (purple)?
  3. Im using Dark Polish Skin 21. I would like to change purple table colors in Club Vision (attachament). Thx for help
  4. well it seems that there is a problem with that solution Matches are dark under overlay, the field is dark and there is hard to see anything That is why I came with my own solution and split your overlay image with some nice old trafford background in Photoshop and place it in "Dark Polish Skin 21\graphics\backgrounds". Both files (default.jpg and default.png) in attachement...
  5. thanks btw great job! ps small suggestion, could you make in next update font on this button little bit bigger? (in english: continue, right upper corner)
  6. Why game not "remember" my background selector settings and have to set it up every start?
  7. OMG and we have just started new save on our network game with my friend because of this bug in our beta save... Anyone can confirm that? SI?
  8. As we started network game in BETA and now struggling with known fixtures bug I was wondering if I can fix that in Editor? (changing away match to home)
  9. Not sure if its even fixed in newest patch as there is nothing about that bug in patch note list Any confirmation about that SI?
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